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Lowering The IVF Cost Committing to the IVF cost can be a difficult financial pill to swallow for the average American family. With single treatment cycles costing up to $15,000 and multiple treatments costing more than a typical SUV, couples looking for ways to sidestep or lower these costs can follow the advice in this article. Before IVF Even prior to consulting an infertility clinic, there are fertility treatments that cost substantially less. The general rule of thumb is if you have not been trying to have a baby for 2 years without success, it is not time to attempt IVF yet. There are plenty of other therapies that are either free or low cost to try first. These include: - Diet and exercise and avoiding environmental factors that could inhibit conception - Remove all influences of drugs, alcohol and smoking from your life - Avoid radiation therapies or chemicals that could affect pregnancy - If after one year with the above factors taken into consideration seek medical attention from your OBGYN or urologist in order to diagnose other medical factors that could be contributing to infertility. - After these options have been exhausted, including issues dealing with fallopian tubes, failure to ovulate, endometriosis and low sperm counts, IVF treatments would be a last resort option. Finding Affordable IVF IVF costs can vary depending on the region in which you live, especially if you live in a state that legislates IVF coverage within health insurance. If you live in one of these 15 states, get in writing from your insurance company what coverage you have for IVF in order to cover the cost or at least a part of it. IVF clinics vary in pricing and finding one that meets or exceeds the national success rate should be a final determination. However if it meets the national average and is less expensive than another clinic, a comparison of the services should reveal which is the better value. Other options include financing the IVF through personal loans, payment plans offered by the clinic or treatment packages that are offered by the IVF clinic usually of 2 or more cycles that considerably reduce the per cycle cost as opposed to the pay as you go option. Low cost IVF fertility clinics do exist and could be an option for the right situation. Further investigation into their offerings is suggested as they are only in certain locations and offer only certain programs. Grants, scholarships or fundraising options can often reduce the financial strain to manageable levels. There are a number of organizations per state and nationally that offer IVF grants or scholarships to needy families. Other options could include ‘IVF vacation', or medical tourism where you get IVF in

another country, but be warned that legislation, quality of treatment and safety can all be valid concerns. This option should be approached with extreme caution. Scientific Advancements Lastly, a new procedure still in the testing phase in Europe, released results this year outlining a procedure of IVF that cost as little as $265 and had a success rate as high as their benchmark full IVF group. The procedure is not approved in the US yet but with promising results and the amazing price point, it could be a procedure available in the future. It was developed with cost in mind for developing nations. IVF costs can be expensive, especially for complicated cases in states without mandatory insurance coverage. The cost unfortunately of not resorting to IVF when all else fails, is a family.

Lowering the ivf cost  

Committing to the IVF cost can be a difficult financial pill to swallow for the average American family. With single treatment cycles costin...

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