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Learn What You Should Check Before Your Landing Page Goes Live Your landing page is a very significant piece of work that you will have to perfect before it goes live to the public. If you mess up and wait long enough to change it then the old site will still be in Google after it has been crawled and you won’t really be able to remove it. This will cause confusion among people that are searching for your product or service and can discredit you.

What you should check before your landing page development goes live

- Domain: Make sure you have a domain name that is branded well. If you have changed the creative brief for your page then you will have to be sure that the domain name matches the focus of your brand. If not then fixing it last minute could be a costly nightmare both in time and money.

- Look at the competition: Make sure that if you want to do something different from your competition you need to be right on top of what they are doing so you can in effect do the opposite if it is in the best interest of your company. Don’t just so something to be different though. Do it with a focus and a plan in mind.

- Learn from past mistakes: Make sure that if you have done this before that you are aware of anything you have done in the past that cost you time or money. These are things you don’t want to repeat.

- On the other hand: Make sure you are doing everything you did correctly before that brought you success. You need to be aware of the formulas you used and repeat them to the absolute duplications of what you did before. Always remember if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

- Make check lists for every landing page you make: For every landing page you have you need to have a check list of what you did before. This makes you a very efficient landing page developer over time and eventually you won’t need help from anyone.

- Many pages, many masters: When you are involved in writing any sort of copy, you should rely on the eyes of those who do not write copy. Why? Because since you are writing for the public you would do well to get an opinion from the general public. People will see what you overlook and this is a very valuable thing indeed.

In conclusion, landing page development is a skill that is learned over time. Do not assume that you will get it overnight because even the most experienced writers that do this for a living didn’t get it overnight and even after doing 100 landing pages each one will be different and offer different challenges. The beauty part of this is that it teaches you more about your business each time you do one. It also gives you a unique sense of accomplishment that you can use to appreciate your business even more.

Learn what you should check before your landing page goes live  

Your landing page is a very significant piece of work that you will have to perfect before it goes live to the public.

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