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Learn What Some Basic WordPress Design And Development Packages Include And The Cost

WordPress is an ever-growing popular media platform for anyone with a business. This company began as a blog-related site and has exploded. They now have websites and features for your blog that really get them to look special. They are easy to use and maintain as a whole but you can make them even more sophisticated. This is where the WordPress Design and Development Services can come into play and here we will show you how it can greatly enhance your experience and that of your readership.

Will I get everything I need in with a WordPress Design and Development Services for the Money?

If you are using WordPress you are most likely to be a small business or beginning entrepreneur or someone offering a service. You will most likely find all that you need in one of the samples you will find here. The budgets are pretty straight-forward and they are either billed hourly or flat-rate.

Ok so how do I know what is best for me, hourly or flat-rate?

Well you can figure that out quite simply. If you really know what you need and how long it should reasonably take, you could get away with an hourly amount. If you are not sure what you need or how long it will take, you could go with a flat-rate.

Have a consultation

When seeking WordPress Design and Development services, you are not meant to do so by just clicking on something and that is that. Doing things this way is a sure-fire way of getting a disappointment and a drained bank account. No, what you need to do is to have a free

consultation with a developer from WordPress who will be more than happy to guide you into what you need.

Examples of typical WordPress Design and Development packages

- WordPress Standard Development Package: This is the least expensive of the flat-rate packages. With it, you get a WordPress theme of your choice installed. You get plugin and WordPress e-mail and settings configuration. You get a design mockup with two revisions. You get two templates for the website with CSS and initial setup of all menu pages along with one hour of training and quality testing. This package starts at $5,000.

- Multisite Package: For a $1000 more you can get a multisite deal. This just means you can get exactly what was in the aforementioned and will begin at $6,000 depending on the amount of sites you wish to have duplicated.

- Buddy Press: For $7000 you get their Buddy Press program with everything that is included in the aforementioned. This is an open source social networking platform that can be added to your basic Word-press site.

In conclusion, WordPress Design and Development services will be an enhancement to your existing business or blog with the ease of knowing it was done right the first time. Folks sometimes try the design programs themselves and then hire the developer to do the developing, it is up to you.

Learn what some basic wordpress design and development packages include and the cost  

WordPress is an ever-growing popular media platform for anyone with a business.