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Learn About The Overview Of Fertility Treatments For couples and families wanting to have kids one of the most devastating realizations is that they cannot conceive naturally. Yet this does not mean that there are not a number of treatments that can provide these couples the ability to still have children. Most people think of the common in vitro fertilization or IVF treatments is the only options available and fear the costs involved. However depending on the couple and the possible issues surrounding conception there are number of treatments that range in their effectiveness and costs. The best thing to do is to seek out infertility doctors and get professional advice on which treatments are best for you.

Ovulation Induction

Not all problems dealing with conception require the same treatment. Women that are experiencing conception problems may have ovulation issues that are preventing conception. By inducing ovulation for medication, or more accurately fertility drugs, generally more eggs are produced per month increasing the rates of pregnancy as more eggs are available to be fertilized. This simple and effective treatment can often be all that is needed to help regulate menstrual cycles and increase ovulation in women in order to help conception.

IVF Advanced Fertility Treatment

Of course if ovulation induction does not produce the required results more advanced treatments including in vitro fertilization can be used. The process of IVF includes five basic stages including: ovarian hyperstimulation, egg aspiration, insemination, embryo development and transfer, and implantation and embryo support. An IVF treatment can often get results when all else fails.

Egg Donors

For a number of reasons certain women will never be able to produce their own eggs for fertilization that this does not mean that they can still not get pregnant and give birth. For this

reason many infertility doctors support and recommend egg donation for these women. There can be many reasons why egg production is not available for some women including cancer treatments, premature menopause, ovarian surgery, poor egg quality, advanced age, carriers of genetic diseases, and even the absence of ovaries since birth. Through egg donation from tested quality and healthy donors, women can still give birth through this fertility treatment.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Other circumstances may require surgery to correct issues in the reproductive system that is preventing conception. Finding a clinic that can provide minimally invasive surgery ensures minimal scarring in the quickest recovery time as the procedure is considered a same-day procedure. Consult an infertility doctor regarding your specific situation.


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is the most successful micro manipulation assisted fertilization technique available for male infertility. Through this technique less than 5% of all eggs fertilized run the risk of damage. However there is the increased risk of genetic and chromosomal abnormalities which is generally attributed to sperm counts below 1 million/cc.

Other procedures that infertility doctors use in complement, combination or instead of the ones listed above can include tubal reversal, egg freezing, embryo cryopreservation, pre-implantation genetic testing, assisted hatching and other research projects as available.

Learn about the overview of fertility treatments  

For couples and families wanting to have kids one of the most devastating realizations is that they cannot conceive naturally. Click on: htt...

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