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Key Highlights For Intersystem Consultants

Intersystems offers a range of products, their main being their cache offering. Cache is a DBMS that is object oriented that was initially introduced back in 1997. Prior to cache, the company was more focused on their programming that is better known as Mumps. What makes cache different from other types of OODBMS is that many consultants use it in lieu of RDBMS systems. Though the system is mainly used in the healthcare industry, consultants are able to use it across all industries with ease. As it relates to the healthcare industry, their original mumps technology was mainly focused on healthcare. The changes to the basic structure of healthcare record evolved which prompted Intersystems to change their offerings to a object oriented focus.

Intersystems does sell its Cache program directly, but in most cases that are sold through value added resellers such as Intersystems consultants who craft application on top of the program. Outside of the US, the company sell prefabricated electronic health records systems such as their TrakCare package, but inside of the States, companies still prefer purchasing though VAR's. This allows a healthy competition between sellers, programmers and other specialist who are able to offer customization that fit their clients perfectly.

If you are looking at applications on that fall on the higher end scale, the actual list of database management systems that are truly viable is rather small. Another problem that companies face is the issue of scalability. Dealing with patient records requires a high amount of security, which can only be found in a limited number of database management systems. The majority of enterprises don't need high end applications for their database management which makes purchasing a customized Cache package both cost effective and reliable.

While this may seem vague and hard to understand, or quite possible erroneous, understanding the technical story behind the technology may help users to better understand.

Here are a few highlights:

Cache is a database management system that is object based Java is the main programming language used for the system The security features have been upgraded The SQL performance is superior for most uses Additional reporting tools and BI's have been added to the Cache stack The Cache system data is stored in a sparse hierarchy with common character count compression.

These are only a few of the tech spec's behind Cache that sets it apart from the others. Their recent changes to their object model also present a host of advantages. The update allows messages to be set to "parent classes" as opposed to "child classes" in cases where it's appropriate. The advantage of this for consultants is when a class is recompiled; it has done so as a whole instead of manually needing to recompile each class. This makes the changes almost instantly visible. Intersystems Cache consultants are able to offer their clients a range of new products, services and customizations thanks the various upgrades to the program making it an even more valuable resource.

Key highlights for intersystem consultants  

Intersystems offers a range of products, their main being their cache offering. Cache is a DBMS that is object oriented that was initially i...

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