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Integrating Magento Quickbooks Together If you are looking for a Magento Quickbooks integration solution, there are several to choose from. The Magento Connect website provides a forum where users can post a rating about the different Magento extensions. The ratings are based on three qualities that the extensions are supposed to entail, which are: • Usefulness • Functions as Described • Developer Support Customer Reviews and Shipping One of the highly rated Magento Quickbooks integration tools is Cartspan, which stands with raving reviews from merchants who "couldn't be happier". For companies that are shipping products out to customers, there will not be the need to copy and paste address information onto shipping labels, as the integration with QB ship manager is seamless. Therefore, labels can be printed with the click of a button, and the weights of the products are automatically calculated by Quickbooks to make shipping even more efficient. Integration Support and Inventory You will need the Magento Enterprise or Community version for the integration to be completely supported. The Magento Go currently does not integrate with CartSpan. However, this is not to say that this integration will not be developed in the near future. Reconciling inventory becomes a breeze with this Magento Quickbooks integration, therefore manually counting inventory and inaccurate inventory counts are no longer a problem o time-waster. Most merchants who discover the inventory abilities of a Magento Quickbooks integration are ecstatic to find out that this feature is available and so very compatible. Which Version Integration is Best? If you want the excellent integration for Magento Quickbooks using CartSpan at a low cost, then the free Community version would work perfectly fine. You can get the Community addition for no charge, and the platform is vigorous and offers many of the same support and functionality as the Enterprise version provides. If you absolutely need the extras that the Enterprise edition offers, you can still count on CartSpan to provide an excellent Magento Quickbooks bridge. Essentially, the choice whether to integrate Magento Quickbooks with CartSpan to improve your eCommerce service with a paid version or a free version, Magento Community versus the paid version, Enterprise, is yours. If you have yet to start using Magento and you are still processing orders manually, you are going to love the features that it provides you. You are also going to love the capabilities that the system offers you as you process orders and follow through to the final steps of shipping. Magento helps out both brick and mortar stores and online stores. For online stores, though, the functionality that Magento provides is great for eCommerce merchandising, as well as

controlling the functionality, appearance, and website content of your online business. Incorporated in the Magento interface are vital merchandising, content management and marketing tools that enable business owners to design their websites tailored exclusively for their business requirements. Standalone, there is not a Magento Quickbooks integration. When Quickbooks is integrated with Magento via CartSpan, the combination opens up doors that allow business owners to manage their inventory and accounting according to the sales and purchase records that Magento records. It is a smooth compatibility that will pave the way for more accurate and streamlined record keeping for your business. For more interesting information, you can visit the following URL:Magento Quickbooks

Integrating magento quickbooks together  
Integrating magento quickbooks together  

If you are looking for a Magento Quickbooks integration solution, there are several to choose from..more abou