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I Hate Big Fat Wallets I hate big fat wallets. You know the ones. These are the wallets that look like bricks. They seem to fit in the back pocket of jeans, yet seem to stand out like a goiter on your behind. Sure you can fit a gazillion unnecessary things in this wallet but why do you want to? Let this article be your guide for avoiding a big fat wallet.

Needs versus wants

Typically a guy needs a wallet in order to secure money, credit cards and other essential items that need to be carried on a daily basis. Yet let us discuss the very crux of the issue regarding what you need to carry versus what you want to carry. Generally if you look at your big fat wallet you will also notice what you want to carry is simply an accumulation of junk that has not found its way to a trashcan.

Here is a list of the things you absolutely need to carry:

- 1 – 2 credit cards - Cash - Drivers license - Health insurance card

Beyond these four absolutely necessary items everything else in the wallet is something you want to carry or have simply found its way into your pocket trashcan.

Now here is a list of all the things found in a wallet that is junk or a want:

- Pictures - Point or loyalty collection cards - Receipts from every transaction in the last week - A Lucky penny or token - Business cards - Condoms - Membership cards - Pocket change (does anyone still carry a wallet with a change pocket?) - Foreign-currency

These things just tend to accumulate over time and are a waste of space.


Now it seems women are somewhat divided on the topic of wallets yet almost all seem to dislike a monstrosity obstructing their view of a nice behind. If you think about this yourself, it does look odd to have a big fat wallet hanging off your butt. Stick with a slim wallet or money clip to provide full viewing pleasure.

Health risks

“Credit-carditis” was coined in 1966 by a Doctor that realized a connection between the growing size of men’s wallets due to credit cards and increased low back pain and sciatica nerve issues. This is since been proven through medical studies that a big fat wallet can lead to back problems and leg pain over time. This is usually not considered an issue for young men because it takes time for the chronic pain to build over time as the pressure builds on the nerves and muscles in the buttock affected.

The big fat wallet is a dinosaur. It is something left over from our parent’s age that has not quite died out yet. If you still have big fat wallet-itis, it may be time to have it looked at. If your wallet is thicker than three quarters of an inch it may be time to rethink the items in your wallet. It may even be time to move on to a front pocket slim wallet or money clip.

I hate big fat wallets  

I hate big fat wallets. You know the ones. These are the wallets that look like bricks.

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