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How To Perform A Server Restore Procedure Like A Pro Every individual who has lost any important computer data like valuable family photos or vital business information before knows the frustration and worry that goes with it. Often, loss of valuable data could lead to lots of problems including the eradication of important memories you have of the past. So, there are instances when it is very important to retrieve lost data. While there are seasoned experts who could help retrieve your lost data, there are user-directed backup and restore tools available on the market.

If you are a new user of NetBackup, chances are that you would welcome any practical guide that provides step-by-step information about the procedures to back up, archive and perform NetBackup restore processes on your computer files, folders or directories.

Basic Terms used for Netbackup Restore

The client is the term used to refer to the computer that requires a backup or restore procedure while the server is the computer designed to control the backup and restore processes. The policies refer to the rules which the entire procedure follows when it backs up clients. The policies also specify when you can manually backup and restore your files. These include the time range during which you could perform a user-directed backup and restore operations. Any backup or archive procedure must be carried out within the specified time range but restore operation could be done at any time.

A backup image stores all the files for backup either user-directed or server-directed. When job files are restored, you are expected to select the specific data you want restored from a backup image as soon as possible because backup images do expire after a given time frame. Once a backup image has expired, you can't access it or restore its files.

Basic Procedure for Backup and Restore of Data

Your interface to the NetBackup restore software on your system is a backup, archive or a restore operation. Once a backup or restore operation is in progress, the client software communicates the information to be restored or backed up to the NetBackup restore server and the required data is subsequently written on a storage device if it is a backup operation. If it is a restore operation, the NetBackup server sends the required data to the client software on your computer based on prior request. The data is subsequently restored to your computer once it is received.

NetBackup Restore Checklist

The basic pre-restore procedures include ensuring the client computer to be restored has the same name it bears before the data loss. The operating system must be connected to run in a workgroup. In addition, make sure the network interface of the client computer is connected to an active port on a switch and it functions properly.

How to perform a server restore procedure like a pro  

Every individual who has lost any important computer data like valuable family photos or vital business information before knows the frustra...