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How To Maximize On Small Spaces Using Narrow House Designs The high population increase and rising property costs have led to the steady rise in narrow house designs. Basically, plot sizes are shrinking everywhere and many homeowners are forced to purchase very narrow land on which to put up their homes. While this may be discouraging, it is not actually a bad thing because there are a myriad of beautiful house designs that can be put up on such small spaces. Thus, once you have bought a narrow plot, you need to find out how you can take full advantage of it because even though you may wish to put up a traditional home, a design for a narrow block may just work better for you.

Narrow house designs provide you with more space even in an area that is already very restricted. These plans focus more on building upwards; hence they can fit in the tightest of spaces. Due to the reducing space availability in modern cities, such designs have become very popular as the spaces that were formerly allocated to single family units are now split to cater for two different houses. For individuals who have limited finances, finding and buying such plots can be the perfect solution because these options are much more affordable. With this sort of land, any house can be made tall in order to accommodate the needs of different families.

Even though one may imagine that narrow house designs are restrictive, this is not exactly the case because there are many striking plans that can be incorporated in building narrow lots. The secret is to look for a good architect who can help set up something to fit your needs without making too many compromises on the outward design.

Other than making the house taller, there are several other ways through which you can exploit a narrow strip of land. One of the best ways to go about this is to limit the walls you put up inside the structure. When it comes to the dining room, kitchen and living room for instance, you can do without putting up a wall to demarcate the rooms. Other than that, you can also put up interior windows which will not only let in more light, but also give the illusion of extra space. Regardless of the design you settle on, narrow house designs are a great way to maximize on small plot spaces.

How to maximize on small spaces using narrow house designs