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How To Make Online Marketing Work For You Dental care is an important part of any health routine, leading patients to your practice is equally important. With so many dental practices offering their service features online, a strong dental online marketing strategy is needed in order to make your practice rise to the top. There are many ways in which to create a website for your practice. You can hire a company to handle all the details from logos to content, or you can start off small by launching a site on Drupal or WordPress. Both of these platforms are relatively easy to use, and extremely affordable. To make it even easier, there are medical, dental and other health care based themes you can purchase to add to your site. After creating a dynamic dental site for your practice, you have to move further into the details. Any website that you plan to implement a dental online marketing plan should contain a minimum of ten pages. That may seem like a lot, but these will mainly be: - Dental Practice Home Page - Dental Practice Contact Page - Dental Practice Reviews Page - Dental Practice Blog Page - Dental Practice About Us Page - Services Page - Regulations Page - Who We Are Page - Meet The Doctors Page The main page of your site and the blog section is the most important part of your dental online marketing strategy. A blog is more than just talking about things you have an opinion on. This is a space where you can create detailed content the features information on the dental procedures your practice offers, new technology, and even new additions to your medical team. The popularity of any website depends on fresh content, and the patient retention of any dental practice depends on the reliability and relevance of the information provided. As a dentist, you can't be expected to spend time adding content to your site, in most cases, even the smallest of dental providers have a SEO company working with them to implement their dental online marketing plan and see that the branding goals are being met on a regular basis. Adding social networking into our marketing plan is equally important. Sending scheduled

messages over various networks will get your practice name out there. Also, as patients begin to review or ask about your dental services, social signals will get created. These signals are linked to your website. Your practice website is the identity of your physical location, and both are linked to the doctors of the practice. By using these tools, your dental online marketing strategy is set up for a fair amount of success. It's important to remember however, that these efforts are intended to be long lasting. That being said, anything worth having takes time. Organic hits are the best for your site, as well as actual live consumers seeking dental services. As you complete more cases, the instances of reviews posted both on your site and other places will increase, but not overnight.

How to make online marketing work for you  
How to make online marketing work for you  

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