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How To Know When Your Transmission Is Sick?

One of the worst car repairs you can have is a transmission; it is one of the only car repairs that will make you have to think about whether or not to just buy another car. This is a headache and an expense that you may be paying off well after the car is dead. So what can you do? The first thing to do is to learn how good a transmission is in the first place when you are testdriving a new car. This is so you don’t have issues with it in the first place from the beginning. The second thing is to recognize when the transmission is slipping or may be getting sick and needs a car doctor visit now before it blows. Here we will take you through some of those ways that will assist you in recognizing trouble brewing ahead.

- Manual gear shift: Or ‘stick’ shift as most call it are less-likely to have some of the transmission issues but new gearboxes are not cheap either. But when there is something wrong, they are more likely to show tell-tale signs early. Usually the most straight-forward of them are that you won’t be able to change gears. In other words the gear shift will get stuck on one gear and won’t go back into first from a stop. This is the most common though this can happen in any number of ways.

- Slow burn: The transmission fluid will get hot and burn the engine out in either a manual or automatic transmission. This is easy to detect as you will smell something coming off the engine. Also check your thermostat because the needle should be hanging out around the middle so if you see it creeping up to where it shouldn’t be then getting to a diagnostic center to get it gauged before you go to an actual mechanic so you won’t get stuck paying for assumptions.

Bonus Tip: Some people get a false sense of security when the car is in neutral and they believe the car is safe from a transmission issue but this could not be farther from the truth.

- Physical danger: That’s right, a car with slipping gears is never a good thing as it will abruptly slip out of the gear that you intended to be in and could send a vehicle in certain circumstances out of control or on the highway you could slow down abruptly while other cars are prevented from adjusting speed according to what they perceive you doing, if they have time at all.

- The dreaded green puddle: It is bad enough to find an oil leak under the car but to find the dreaded green leak is a bad sign. This means the car is at the point that you should maybe have it towed to the garage so as not to risk it blowing the engine. There are no safe quick fixes to patch it up.

In conclusion, these are the main signs to pay attention to and how to take a proactive approach to them. If you mind these tips you will ensure yourself a longer life with your car. For brief information, please visit: Transmissions Centreville VA.

How to know when your transmission is sick  
How to know when your transmission is sick  

One of the worst car repairs you can have is a transmission; it is one of the only car repairs that will make you have to think about whethe...