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How To Find A Great Auto Shop For An Oil Change When You’re New In Town While you can simply stop by one of those places that offers a fast oil change, if you are new in town or simply dissatisfied, it makes more sense to look around for a mechanic and auto shop you can trust for bigger jobs too. Life is busy these days, especially if you have recently moved to a new town and are getting settled in. Perhaps you have a new job too, and it is all a bit overwhelming. Don’t panic. Once you do get settled in, however, you would be wise to resist the temptation to just pull into the first cheap oil and lube place you see and instead find a real mechanic who you can trust to look after your car for as long as you live in your new town. Unless your car is due or overdue for an oil change, you can take your time. Start by asking coworkers and neighbors where they bring their cars. That’s also a great way to break the ice and get to know people. Most people want to be helpful and will be happy to share information about good and not so good auto shops. You can find a lot of information online too. Go beyond just searching for mechanics near you. Look for local forums where people chat online about what’s happen in your town. There might be a rule against recommending specific businesses on the forum, but if you post a question, people can send you a private message with their recommendations. Just watch out for any that replies from people who seem to be posing as customers when they are really the business owners. You can also sample different mechanics in town by bringing your car in for something simple such as an oil change or to have the tires rotated. That will give you a first-hand experience and a chance to observe the mechanic and the shop personally. If the shop looks organized and has a good flow of other customers, the prices are fair and the job seems to be done well, those are all good signs. If the shop is chaotic and the other customers are few in number or obviously unhappy, those are some big red flags. Finding a new mechanic is a lot like finding any other service provider whether you are new to town or simply wants a change for whatever reason. Do a bit of research, try to talk to a few of them before using their services, and when you find one you are happy with, try them first for something small such as an oil change. But do make sure you have the number of a good mechanic you can really trust. It’s annoying enough to try to find one at the last-minute when you are due or overdue for a service, but if your car breaks down, you’ll be very glad you know who to call.

How to find a great auto shop for an oil change when you