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How To DJ Your Own Party Introduction

Everyone has had a moment at a party when a song comes on and you think to yourself, ‘Man, we should put on some…’ In our heads, we’re always our own best DJs, but that may not be the case when it comes to reality. Before deciding to do it yourself, think long and hard about whether you’re up to the task or not. If you’re trying to choose the right tunes for your party, keep these few tips in mind to make sure everyone is dancing and no one is sitting on the couch yawning.

Consider your crowd – By far the most important thing about choosing the music to fit the mood is making sure it also fits your party attendants. If your guests are babies of the ‘80s, they may not be as interested in the songs from that era. The best way to overcome issues when it comes to choosing genres is to add a little bit of everything. Don’t make it too eclectic, but do make sure there’s some variety so that your guests aren’t bored by your barrage of ‘70s folk music.

Hide the computer – If you’re taking care of all of your music on your laptop, make sure your computer isn’t sitting out in plain sight. There’s a couple reasons for this. First, you don’t want any of your guests who think they have the perfect obscure song to fit the moment finding their way to your music source. There’s probably a reason why it’s obscure. Second, if you’re trying to impress your guests, don’t make it obvious that you’re using your laptop. And finally, don’t ever set your computer somewhere where food or drinks will get knocked over on it. There’s no worse party foul than knocking a beer over on your top of the line laptop.

Make sure you’ve got the equipment – While choosing the music may be the easy part, finding a way to make it play throughout your house or venue is a completely different matter. If you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, try to find a way to hook up speakers so that your guests don’t have to whisper in order to hear the music you’re playing on your tiny laptop speakers. And try to avoid using any type of software that has ads in between songs. Nothing cramps your style at a party like an ad for a new car blaring through your speakers.

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, consider hiring a party event DJ with audio and video capabilities. There are plenty of DJ services out there that will not only bring the music and the equipment to make your party sound as perfect as possible, but you can also find DJs that bring video equipment to show music videos or presentations. While it’s great to be able to do it all yourself, sometimes you have to know when to step aside and let the professionals take care of business. More information on this topic can be viewed on the following site: Party event DJ audio and video.

How to dj your own party  

Everyone has had a moment at a party when a song comes on and you think to yourself, ‘Man, we should put on some…’ In our heads, we’re alway...

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