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How To Decide On A Custom Built Shed A shed is a common sight in backyards throughout America. People buy houses and begin to accumulate things. Over the years, their houses fill up and they decide that they need to build a shed so that they can organize things and get back needed space in their house and garage. In the above scenario, a common pre fabricated storage shed would work fine. However for those who want a shed for a specific reason, a custom made shed might be just what is needed. For instance if you decide that you want to use a shed for a home office, a heavy machine workshop, a pool house changing room or any of a thousand of other reasons you will likely need to have a shed that is custom built. Decision Making Once you decide to build a shed you will find that you have lots of options, and since building a shed is a long term decision you will want to carefully consider all of them. Your first consideration should be how large will the shed need to be. Unless you are rich your second decision will be about how much money you can afford to spend. Your third decision is likely to be whether you want to pay a contractor to build your shed or do you want to try to build it yourself. Finally, you will need to make a series of smaller, but still important decisions such as what types of materials will you use, what type of doors will work best and what color will look best. The size of your shed will of course depend on the way that you plan to use it. For instance, the size of a shed to store garden tools versus a shed to park a large truck would be considerably different. The average size of a domestic shed is 14 feet long and 10 feet wide. However sheds come as small as 8 feet long and 8 feet wide and there is no limit on their construction size. The cost of a shed will depend upon what type of base you will need, along with the materials that you decide to use, the size of the shed and whether you decide to pay a contractor, or build it yourself. The choices regarding materials styles and colors are innumerable. Perhaps the most important decision is what type paneling will the shed be made of. There are three types of paneling metal, vinyl/plastic and wood. Most people chose to have their sheds constructed by a professional contractor. The advantage of using a contractor is that you can settle on the price in advance, get a guarantee and expect that they will do a profession job in a timely manner. Building your own shed might be cheaper because you do not have to pay labor cost. However unless you are an experienced craftsman building your own shed can be problematic. In order to complete the job, you will need to have the proper tools, be able to make the proper measurements, then assemble the walls lift them into place, fit the windows and doors and finally put on a roof. Regardless of the choices that you make, a custom made shed can add beauty and value to your home.

How to decide on a custom built shed  

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