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How To Cut Trees On Your Own While it is true that trees are a very important part of an ecosystem, there are a number of times when their existence becomes a threat to our lives and property. They may accidentally fall on our houses and on roads during storms, they may devastate our gardens and leave cracks on floors, walls and on the foundations of our houses. Professional tree removal services will be of great help in dealing with the prevention of these hazards in our backyard. However, these tree removal services may not be always available because of certain circumstances. It is therefore imperative that we are able to deal with our problems by ourselves.

Below are the steps in effectively cutting down a tree as well as some important things to keep in mind while in the process. If you’re planning to start a business regarding tree removal services, then you should definitely take note of the following:

1. Buy and Wear Safety gear

Before dealing with this problem, you must remember that your safety is the utmost priority. Your safety, as well as your family’s, is the primary reason that you are going through with this task of dealing with the tree. Safety gears include a logger’s helmet, Kevlar chaps, and felling wedges. These materials will effectively protect you from falling branches, sawdust, sharp wood chips and many others.

2. Planning the Cut

When you have equipped the proper gear, you must now know where the tree will fall and how long and wide it would be. It is important to take in mind that this step is very essential if you don’t want the tree falling onto your house. Through a method we call “ax handle trick”, we can estimate where the tree will fall. To do this, hold an ax handle at arm’s length and close an eye. Adjust your position by moving towards or away from the tree until the top of the ax handle is in line with the treetop and its bottom is in line with the base. Mark your position because this will be the position where the treetop will rest after it falls. However, this is just an estimate so provide some more space just to make sure.

3. The Right Way to make a Notch on the Tree

Professional tree removal service providers say that a notch should be as deep as one-fifth of the tree trunk’s diameter. The notch should make a 90 angle with 60 above the horizontal line and the other 30 below. This is the optimal angle experienced tree removal service providers would suggest. The idea with cutting the tree is that the felling cut (with a chainsaw) should meet the point in the notch. The angle of the notch will help in guiding the tree to where it should fall.

4. Cutting the Tree

At long last, we will now cut the tree. Muster up the courage and make sure that the chainsaw is sharp and has gas. Now to make the notch. It is suggested that the top cut come before the bottom cut. When making the bottom cut, you should carefully adjust your hand in such a way that you can control the movement with your thumb. For trees that have diameters greater than 18 in, it is recommended that you use felling wedges. In making the felling cut, draw a line to help you make a clean, straight cut. The cut should be made at the level of the point in the notch. When the tree starts to lean, remove the saw and stop with the chain brake, and get away from the tree through your escape route. You should never take your eyes off the tree.

These steps will guide you through the process of tree cutting. Remember that safety is the first priority in this line of work. Mastery of the steps is essential to any wood cutter. Keeping the simple notes in this guide will help you on your way to providing tree removal services.

How to cut trees on your own  

While it is true that trees are a very important part of an ecosystem, there are a number of times when their existence becomes a threat to...