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How To Become A VA Vista Developer Consultant If you are interested in learning what it takes to become a VA VistA Developer Consultant, you first need to understand the steps involved. Understanding and going over each step of the process such as finding a suitable programming school, getting a degree in the IT field and VA VistA certification procedures is the first part of your journey. The information we have compiled will help you learn what is needed to become a VA VistA Developer and offer insight into your choice of career path.

Along with knowing what steps and training you will need, it is a good idea to find out what to expect in terms of salary for an VA VistA Developer to better prepare yourself for full time work. The salary of a VA VistA Developer consultant varies according to several factors. Factors such as where your degree was obtained, the amount of experience you have, your actual programming knowledge, recommendations received from past professors or employers and the type of office you select to work in.

VA VistA Developer Consultant Job Outlook

With the ageing population, and increase in veterans, VA VistA Developer positions are set to increase as much as 29% over the next eight years. Nationally, the rate of growth in the healthcare programming sector is much higher than average making it solid career choice for both new and veteran programmers. The majority of VA VistA Developer positions are with firms that cater to military clinics, military hospitals or nonprofit locations that deal with VA treatment. It is also good to note that military diagnostic centers also rank high in terms entities that use the software provided by these firms.

VA VistA Developer Certification

Being that VA VistA is an open source project that has contributions by a number of programmers and entities, there is no standardized certification available. In lieu of certification, actively working on the program via the open source rights and being able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the programming language, functions and other aspects of the program will increase your desirability in the eyes of potential employers. This also instills confidence when dealing with the program or complex coding cases that required specialized attention. When looking though available positions for VA VistA Developer Consultant, you will notice that certification is not a requirement but experience is a desired preference.

Choosing the School

As technology continues to advance, technology surrounding programming has gained prominence in the medical software field over the last two decades. Students who are interested in the career path of a VA VistA Developer Consultant will need to choose an IT school that offers preparation for dealing with both normal coding and specifically programming for the medical industry. Open source programming plays a key role in the future of both digital and automated health care for the military and public population alike. Understanding how to use both proprietary components and open source components is an important factor that must be learned in the classroom, and in practice. Finding an IT program that teaches both elements will ensure that your career as a VA VistA Developer Consultant off to a bright start.

How to become a va vista developer consultant  

If you are interested in learning what it takes to become a VA VistA Developer Consultant, you first need to understand the steps involved.