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How Telemarketing Is Still Relevant In The Digital Age

The term "telemarketing" was coined in the 70s as it began to take off in industry. The original idea was to make use of the connection to the outside world that everybody had in their houses – i.e. the telephone – to directly sell products and services to home owners. It saved the bother of sales people having to travel long distances to do their job door to door. In the last couple of decades, outsourcing has taken telemarketing jobs to other continents where the jobs are demanded and so that the supply can be fulfilled. But are these jobs under threat from other methods of advertising and sales in a new technological era? Not only does every household have a phone landline, but now almost every person has a mobile/smart phone and an internet connected computer/laptop. The new advances make it a lot easier to just send emails, texts and advertise on websites (especially social media) in the replacement of phone calls. On the surface, there doesn't seem to be any reason to spend money on phone calls, when internet based sales are so much cheaper and even free. However, the response from the telemarketing sector is a resounding yes – there is still a need for telemarketing despite now being in the digital age. Telemarketing gains a higher response rate than an email or an advert, as those methods are a lot more passive and so are easier to simply ignore. With telesales, the customer is given the chance to build a relationship over the phone via a discussion. This way, telemarketing is more personal and so increases the success rate of sales made. Furthermore, success can also be defined in the aftermath of a call – even if no deal was made during the actual pitch. After this time, a call is likely to remain in a customer's mind and be remembered at a different time when they made need or want a product/service later on. Though other types of sale and marketing also has the power to do this, telemarketing has the "personal touch" so is more likely to be successful. Though a customer still is not obligated to listen to a call and can back at any time, a call is more difficult to ignore than other more digitised methods of sales. At the same time, it is not as intrusive as door to door sales. Therefore, relevance in the digital age of telesales is not the only factor to take into consideration. It is important to look at response rates and most importantly how best to serve the customer. Telemarketing is not only more beneficial to businesses and their customers, but also provides jobs both in the west and internationally – e.g. the Philippines.

How telemarketing is still relevant in the digital age  


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