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Health Risks Associated With Home Renovation With the increasing cost of relocation, more and more people are choosing to stay in the same house for longer periods. People are renovating their houses to make it more livable, and this also increases the resale value of these properties. It is the need of the hour that one has to realize that there are numerous health hazards associated with renovating your home. The culprits are usually the toxic materials used in home refurbishing. Though most of them are unavoidable, there could be a possibility that you may be able to build or refurbish in an Eco-friendly and non-hazardous way. Here are some harmful substances that can cause minor or health problems when you renovate your home: 1. Dust People tend to think that chemicals, paints, scraped wood, iron bars, lead, etc. cause most health issues. Even the simplest of things like dust can pose serious health risks. Dust can have various other chemicals or harmful particles which can be inhaled, leading to various breathing disorders and lung infections. 2. Asbestos This is a mineral fiber which is used in flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing, etc. because it acts as an insulation and fire-resistant material. These are microscopic, and can easily be inhaled when the particles becomes airborne. This can cause serious diseases like abdominal & chest cancer, and scarring of lungs commonly called asbestosis. 3. Lead This is found in dry paints when scraping the walls before a major renovation. It can cause headaches, weight loss, lung infection, fatigue, anemia, constipation, stomach pain, irritation, nausea and many other conditions. 4. Radon This is said to cause lung cancer if your basic constitution is not radon-resistant. 5. Mercury This is found in old switches, heating system and regulators. Mercury inside the human body can cause kidney and liver damage, mental retardation, disabilities related to learning and many other debilitating conditions. Fatality is also not uncommon with acute mercury poisoning.

6. Moisture After renovation your house may be sometimes be filled with moisture, which can attract biological hazards. This can cause allergies, asthma, pneumonia and, in extreme cases, can lead to death. 7. Lack of proper ventilation In the excitement of renovating your home, you might sometimes make wrong decisions that might seriously affect the natural ventilation inside your home. Good ventilation is always important, as the more oxygen you inhale, the more immune your system becomes and the healthier you become. If ventilation is improper, then all the harmful substances that are disturbed and become airborne during renovation can cause you lung and breathing problems. 8. Formaldehyde This is a carcinogen found in pressed wood - especially in cabinets, fiber glass insulation, wood paneling, etc. This causes breathing problems, eye and throat irritation and nausea. 9. Volatile organic substances (VOCs) These are emitted from paints, strippers, plastics, etc., and can cause cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. 10. Air ducts Leaking air ducts during renovation can cause negative pressure, which leads to radon problems if the ducts are not immediately sealed. 11. PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) These are commonly used in plastics, paints and electrical equipment. PCBs can cause a wide range of health problems. This chemical can cause cancer, reproductive problems and disorders of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Being aware of these health risks means you can be better prepared to avoid them or deal with them appropriately. If you are based in Kensington, you may find the below website informative: Property Refurbishment Kensington

Health risks associated with home renovation  
Health risks associated with home renovation  

With the increasing cost of relocation, more and more people are choosing to stay in the same house for longer periods. People are renovatin...