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Graphic Design Careers Because graphic design involves so many disciplines, and its use is involved in many industries, the career choices for a skilled graphic designer are plentiful. The intent of graphic design is to create visual images, which may involve even the shaping of text, which will communicate, inspire, evoke to action, or otherwise influence the viewer. Most clients of graphic design services have an overall image in mind they wish to convey, but they may not have the skills to create the design or have understanding of those skills to even offer a rudimentary sketch of what they are thinking. It will often be the task of a graphic designer to take clues from verbal or written information, alone, in order to create a design that will communicate the message desired. In effect, the capable graphic designer must crawl into the client’s head to gain an understanding of what is wanted. The very skilled designer may conclude with an image that is entirely different than the one the client had conceived, but if the resulting image still conveys the message the client wanted in the first place, the design is successful. If not, the graphic designer must go back to the drawing board – an idiom, by the way, which was originally drawn from the work of a graphic designer, but is now used pervasively in industry as a signal that any effort must be tried again. The first career most people consider in graphic design is work within an advertising or public relations company. These are organizations whose tasks include the skills of a graphic designer to represent a client’s corporate image by logotype, the features and benefits of their products or services, press releases, packaging, annual reports, etc. Another popular industry for graphic designers is in the feature film industry, doing animation. A popular sub-set of this industry is the manipulation of combining computer-generated imagery with live-action film such that creatures and objects not in existence or not able to fit on a sound stage can be added into the live action of actors. Graphic designer Dubai may risk entry into the fine arts field to produce images for direct sale to art galleries or directly to appreciators of their work. This may include artists in paint, photography, illustration, animation, etc. Many large corporations hire graphic designers on staff, such as magazine and newspaper publishers. But other corporations, as well, who may not want to hire out these skills to an advertising or public relations firm, will hire and employ these skills in vertical integration. Web design has become a fast-growing industry in the graphic design field, where print technology is no longer a consideration. The creative work of a graphic designer with a digital design software package can launch his or her work directly online on a website with no further manipulation or enhancement of the design work into a different medium than the digital medium in which it was created. These careers, and more, are readily available to the skilled graphic designer, including the ability to offer acquired skills as a freelance artist.

Graphic design careers  

Because graphic design involves so many disciplines, and its use is involved in many industries, the career choices for a skilled graphic de...

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