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Getting New Clients or Customers Through Social Media The social media networks are the fastest growing internet sites. They are a means of keeping people in touch and businesses should make the most of them. It's not just a way for businesses to keep in touch with their current network either, social media helps expand it. It's a powerful way to improve your public relations productivity, find new PR contacts, land new clients or customers, as well as, service your business's existing ones. There's a couple of guidelines that should be followed in order to successfully improve your public relations when it comes to utilizing social media. Some of these would include: Your social media accounts, including your personal ones, should always be professional. You never know who's viewing your profiles, and you'll want to be viewed as professional. You should monitor who's looking at your profiles. Making sure the business or person is legitimate should be done before sending an introductory or response email. You should update your sites and accounts often. You can ask others on the network to refer you to their clients and contacts. You can also increase your PR contacts by listing your social media information on your advertisements, websites, business cards, and even your email signature. You should follow your PR contacts along with your media contacts to keep them up to date with any client stories, PR opportunities and photos. It's important to keep in mind when you're following these guidelines that you use common sense and caution. Meeting new people provides two scenarios, it can be a great opportunity to gain a new client or adversary, or it can be someone you'd rather not be associated with or want to know. You should always investigate a little, it's okay to be suspicious. Some simple tips can help determine if the contact through your social media is legitimate before you reply. You can Google them. Do some research of the company. Check out their website, social media sites, blog, and customer feedback. You can secretly shop at the company to see for yourself how professional they are and what their customer service is like. You can check the BBB, phone numbers, emails, and public records. Don't be afraid to check out the company's other social media sites for a couple of days to get a feel for how they communicate. Check the company's qualifications, abilities, and experience, as well as, their accomplishments both past and present. Don't be afraid to ask for references. Social media is a great way to increase your business's online awareness. It reaches millions of people every day and with the right PR contacts , web design, and IT solutions, you just may find that your business will increase in more than just customers or clients. It can also become more productive, and cost effective when it comes to public relations department and overhead.

Getting new clients or customers through social media  
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