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Five Top Tips To Alleviate A Tension Headache Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of a headache. They can occur regardless or your age group or sex. According to experts from pain clinics, a tension headache can develop whenever you perform an activity where your head is held in one position without movement for an extended period of time. For example, you may experience a tension headache after watching a movie at a theater if you are sat in the very front rows and spend a couple of hours looking up. While a tension headache can be tremendously frustrating, there are five ways to alleviate the symptoms. 1. Shrug shoulders: This is a simple way to reduce the tension of your headache. You can be either sat or standing and simply make a conscious effort to relax your muscles in your body. Take a deep breath and contract the muscles in your shoulder, pull your shoulders up towards your head. Hold this position for a few seconds. As you exhale, release the tension in the muscles and allow your shoulders to quickly drop. Repeat this exercise several times. 2. Rhythmic breathing: When people are under stress, they have a tendency to take shallow short breaths. This is a natural body reaction to feeling stressed. However, when you breathe in this manner, it increases the amount of carbon dioxide within the body and causes the blood vessels within the head to dilate, which can cause headaches. To counteract this, you should try rhythmic breathing. This involves slowly inhaling for five seconds through the nose before exhaling for five seconds through your mouth. This should be repeated approximately ten times to achieve the desired effect. 3. Apply a compress: Heat or cold applied to the painful part of the head can be very relieving. Whether you choose a hot or cold compress is down to personal preference. Some people argue that heat allows the muscles to quickly relax. However, others find an ice pack to be soothing. 4. Apply pressure to the temples: Another effective method is to use your finger tips to apply pressure to your temples. Use your index and middle finger to press on the temples near the outer edge of the eyebrow. Rub in small circles with increased pressure before you hold your fingers in place for five seconds before releasing. Repeat this process. 5. Take preventative measures: One of the best ways to eliminate a headache is to stop it before it ever begins. This can be accomplished by finding a coping mechanism for stress. This could be to exercise daily or practice yoga for relaxation. This can reduce stress and potentially prevent your headache. Additionally, you should consider the potential triggers for your headache, such as caffeine or artificial flavorings and eliminate or reduce them from your diet. Headaches can be frustrating. However, if you are suffering from prolonged periods of headaches, you may need to seek professional medical advice. Many pain clinics offer diagnosis and may be able to help you determine the underlying cause of your headaches to allow you to take proactive action to correct the problem. If you are based in Chicago and looking for local pain clinics, you may find helpful resources on the following website:Pain clinics Chicago

Five top tips to alleviate a tension headache  

Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of a headache. They can occur regardless or your age group or sex. According to experts f...

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