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End-Of-Life For Postini—What Will Your Organization Do? It’s recently been announced that Postini will no longer be supported, and those users who don’t come up with a new solution will be forced to transition to another service, one provided by the company which acquired Postini. It’s important to understand that this doesn’t simply mean that Postini will be changing brands. The new service offered by the parent company will be an entirely different service, one which will require a great deal of manual recalibration in order for users to continue using as they are accustomed to. There will also be certain features which are no longer available. Features You’ll Lose • Email Quarantine (Centralized) • User access disabling (Spam Folder) • Bypassing spam filtering via content compliance or other policies • Blackhole and quarantine dispositions will be unavailable • Social security number and credit card number detection will require manual rule setting and may have unpredictable results; capabilities will be extremely limited • User settings will be lost (Accepted and Blocked Senders) • Compressed File Scanning (Attachments) • Detailed enterprise level reporting will not be enabled • Search log features will be lost with the exception of sender, receiver, and ID The Way Forward While those organizations with minimal needs may opt to simply stay with the service and accept these lost features, it’s not ideal for those who were making use of the services Postini was best known for. However, there are other services equal or superior to Postini, and your organization can choose to migrate your email to these services. Choosing a Service First, make a list of every feature in Postini your organization makes use of. You’ll also want to make a wish list of features which Postini did not have available, as you’ll find some services offer more than Postini did. Once you have a comprehensive list, start shopping around for a new service that meets your needs. Understanding Migration

Typically, migration refers to a transfer of data. In this case, the ideal migration will be one which captures not only email addresses, messages, and attachments, but also user settings, administrative settings, and more. With ample time to prepare for Postini’s end, many services offer special tools and support for your transfer to their service. Ensuring an Easy Transition Speak with the customer service representative for the service you choose, in order to determine what you’ll need to do to prepare for the migration. With a list of the features you use in hand, you can determine what can be migrated seamlessly and what, if any, manual steps you’ll need to take postPostini migration in order to ensure that your organization’s work flow continues smoothly. Cost of migration services varies greatly from service to service. You may find reduced price deals, or even free services due to the large change that Postini’s end represents in the industry. However, even paying full price for services can be well worth it if the migration goes smoothly. It depends upon the complexity of the transfer required. To find out more, you should visit the following website : Postini Email Migration

End of life for postini—what will your organization do  

It’s recently been announced that Postini will no longer be supported, and those users who don’t come up with a new solution will be forced...

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