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Does Your Business Really Need Professional Data Backup Services? The economy is still pretty difficult right now, and it only makes sense for business owners and managers to want to trim the fat and cut any costs that aren’t essential. The way to succeed today is to have a streamlined, no-nonsense, efficient business structure and to cut any frills. No one wants to add new expenses to their budget unless there is a very compelling reason to do so. Everyone wants return on investment, of course, so every decision about taking on new costs has to be considered very carefully. As true as that is, it is also true that any business has to take reasonable steps to protect itself and its assets – including the data it holds about its own finances and any information it hold about customers. Data backup and storage is a critical part of many businesses, and the consequences of data being destroyed are serious. For example, if your clients pay regular membership fees and all of that data is somehow lost or corrupted, the time that would be lost is horrendous enough, but the damage to the company’s reputation and the potential loss of business could be devastating. If your company is considering using professional services to help manage, backup and store your data, ask yourself these questions to help you decide if that is the right step for your business. • Is your current system for backing up data secure and efficient? How vulnerable is it to human error or other threats? Is the storage for your backup tapes completely secure and easy to access? How quickly could you restore lost data? • How much time does your staff spend backing up data? Do you run a backup every day? Every week? How long does the entire process take? How much time could be saved by automating this with a cloud-based system and what could that staff be doing instead to raise revenue? • Are you worried about staying on top of the latest technology? Do you have the time, expertise and interest in doing so or would you rather turn it over to the professionals? Are you completely confident in the staff you have delegated to this task? • Are there additional services that go with other options such as remote file sharing that would streamline your work practices, saving time and money, or provide better security such as antivirus protection and encryption? If you are still spending time every day running backups and storing a tape of data on or off site, it is probably time to investigate using a cloud-based service. You have many options for how to organize this and how much of the job to delegate. You could invest in a turnkey package automates the process or an option that still requires some time and effort from your staff. If your business depends on a large volume of customer data, it does make sense to invest in the most secure Sepaton data backup system possible.

Does your business really need professional data backup services  
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