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Digital Intercom - The Features

The inter communication apparatus that is used within a specific building area for communication is known as an Intercom. The function of the intercom is similar to any other phone but functions independently of the telephone network. These are used to communicate and connect to the various panel station speakers and the general paging system. The most modern technology that is available today is the new form of ASL digital intercom which has the ability to communicate by connecting to the analogue or digital nodes. The digital intercom provides reliable communications for any live production or events that require this reliability. They are flexible in use and are remarkable in performance. The Features Of A Digital Intercom The digital intercom has the ability to be extremely flexible in configuration, is easy to install and can interface with many old and different systems. Another good feature of digital intercom is that it can accommodate the line-in facilities in the most expandable and easy way. One matrix consists of stations for 40 users. This kind of intercom can be scaled from one matrix to six matrix units, which means expansion for 240 users, but are modular in design so you only buy what you need. The other feature is the digital sound, which offers voice clarity and background noise reduction technology. A unique feature with digital intercom, is that any given unit or user can connect to any other user without tying up phone lines. No Specialized Training Needed These systems through the advent of new software are very easy to install and operate like current software in the marketplace making them easy to understand by consumers. Most systems even include text messaging services. Other systems are considered plug and play and are the easiest to install without necessary training. Specialty earphones, belt packs and speaker systems can also be ordered and installed in these systems. Digital intercom can be run on Linux software or on various other operating systems but many include applications to be used in conjunction with smart phones, tablets and laptops or desktop computers. New devices are fitted with an auto restore capacity and in case of any power failure, allows the restoration of previous settings. Digital intercom manufacturers provide specifications and modular designs to meet almost any configuration in any building for either new build or old building installations. Although there are many digital intercom manufacturers finding the most current technology from a reputable dealer is your best option. These systems come in various voice quality outputs, different modular designs including many different options for apartment panels, lobby panels and can include both audio and video configurations as well as door release options and many other security features that should be considered. Most new systems also include wireless conductivity to the buildings computer systems allowing for better management and security within the building. Digital intercom and paging systems have been in use for a long time but with the advent of

better software applications, wireless conductivity and portable and modular designs these systems have become smart security systems that can enhance privacy and security for any event or building.

Digital intercom