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Closing The Bag Packaging your product properly effectively determines your client's first impression of your product and company. An attractive packaging design with proper marketing is important that the design of the bag and its closure will ultimately determine customer satisfaction. A poorly designed bag that comes apart or opens with normal usage will ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction. Ensure your packaging is properly design by keeping these tips in mind.

Package marketing The outside of the packaging bag should be well developed and designed including professionally made graphics that enhance your brand marketing and tell your specific story. The corporate logo and specific brands should be the most visible portion of marketing.

Bag design Bag design is also very important because it ensures that the client can carry the bag and its contents without the bag ripping open or spilling. A properly designed bag will include a sewn enclosure and be made of a material that will not rip or tear because of product it holds or by a customer simply transporting the bag.

Bag closing sewing machines For food processors and other products that require sewn bags investing in a bag closing sewing machine will ensure quality control and a more effective closure design. These machines are high-speed, heavy-duty machines for closing filled bags made from jute, woven poly, burlap, cotton, plastic, and paper. Two types of systems are available depending on your production output. Manual bag feeding sewing machines provide a cost-effective option for small producers while automatic bag feeding sewing machines provide a high throughput for large volume producers.

Enclosure styles

Bag closing styles are available in four different formats that suit different requirements. These styles are described as:

- Plain closure - which is the simplest and most popular closure for textile, paper lined textile, and paper bags of all sizes. It includes a simple stitch seam without tape or folding, yet is the least secure.

- Fold over closure - is an excellent solution for plain sewn closures. The bag top is folded over and then stitched through forming a solid and strong closure solution.

- Tape bound closure - this type of closure provide extra security and a sealing mechanism that prevents loss or spillage and the bag can be handled without fear of opening.

- Tape over seam closure - the ultimate in product protection and bag closure includes being infestation proof, and adequate moisture barrier, and is a sift proof closure. This style adds to seam strength and integrity.

Choosing the right closure style for your product can ultimately decide customer loyalty.

Bag feed-in devices To save time and money and automatic bag feeder is suggested. It provides for a continuous production line and requires less labour costs. These feeders are built on a conveyor system and usually coded to provide minimal marking an extra security.

There are many different styles and manufacturers of bag closing sewing machines, be sure to choose a supplier that provide technical assistance, quality service and maintenance on the machine to ensure continued success.

Closing the bag  
Closing the bag  

Packaging your product properly effectively determines your client's first impression of your product and company.