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Brochure Printing - Do It Yourself Or Not? You've spent a considerable amount of time and money planning and designing a new brochure for your company. Now is the time to decide, should you print it out yourself with an office color printer? Or take it to a professional printer to be completed? Generally speaking, the least expensive way to print your brochure is to print it yourself on a high quality printer. There is a huge variation in the cost of ink which will depend on the type of printer you are using, but it is possible to print a color page for as little as 6 cents each. This is good for flyers or handbills but it is a bit more complicated to print a brochure, however, it is done by many people every day. Color printers have made huge strides. They can now print photos that look as if they came from a laboratory, they can print on both sides, and the quality is good enough to use for invitations and brochures. One of the best things about printing your own brochures is that you don't have to make two trips (or more) to the print shop. You make one trip to drop off your design, then a return trip to pick up your completed order. Printing in your own office allows you to print the exact number you wish. You can also make changes easily; even customize your brochure for different groups or events. Some of the other costs involved will be the paper used. This also varies greatly. If you are using a direct mail brochure you will need much heavier stock paper, which, of course, costs considerably more. If you are printing two sided documents you will also need a heavier paper that does not allow bleed through. Older printers will cost more to use than newer models. One of the problems with printing this yourself, however, is that although it may be cheaper to print it yourself there is one more item to consider; your time. (Or your employees time) Someone will need to set up the printer, be sure that it has sufficient ink, or have them replace the ink cartridge when it runs low, be sure the paper is sufficiently stocked and so on. All these things are necessary to consider whether you should print it yourself. HP and Xerox have cost analysis charts on their websites to help you figure out the price per brochure should you be using one of their printers. There is also a big difference in printing prices from professional printers such as Staples. It's not that they are hiding their prices; they are clearly listed on both their websites and in house. Perhaps these companies assume no one will take the time to comparison shop. You could save as much as 56 cents per copy if you shop around before you decide. All professional print houses will do an excellent job with your brochure so it's not a matter of quality. It might be a matter of time, however. If you are in a rush, one business may not be able to meet your time constraints but if you can wait, you surely should compare prices to get the best brochure and save your company some significant cash. If you wish to learn more or if you want more resourceful information, you may visit the following website:Professional business printing

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You've spent a considerable amount of time and money planning and designing a new brochure for your company.more

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