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A US Real Estate Office Marries A Philippines Assistant It was a marriage made in realtor heaven even though the blushing "bride" is fifteen time zones away. The groom is a real estate office somewhere on the west coast of the US. The bride is a virtual real estate assistant. She is "virtual" because she is located in the Philippines, a bit far to commute to the office. But she does not need to commute by car, bus or on foot in the World Wide Web. She commutes only by her fingers and eyes. And such professional eyes, they are!

She understands real estate and is a professional in the realm of land development, purchases, sales and investment in residential and commercial real estate. She knows market trends in the US in general and in the office's particular geographic region. She knows historic, current and future transactions accomplished by the office and she has been trained in the particulars of the state's real estate laws and regulations.

Already having the necessary equipment and Internet access right at home, she was given a dowry of an office network chat engine, email, linkage to the offices' files and to each agent's transactions, just as she would have if she were an in-office assistant.

So, why did the office "marry" her instead of a local gal who could be in the office and occupy a desk adjacent to all five agents in the office? Because a desk was not a pre-requisite for the marriage. What was required was the above knowledge base which she has in abundance.

Contrary to first thoughts, her distance is actually an office advantage for efficiency and the bottom line even though she has never been here. Here's how, and furthermore, how other offices can do the same: How much of an office's productivity suffers due to the chit-chat when office personnel are face-toface? Granted, it is inevitable and is virtually impossible to eliminate. People are social beings by nature. To be distant when together in a room is considered rude. Employers know this and are willing to allow some inefficiency for the overall morale of the office. But the virtual real estate assistant harbors almost none of these issues, while still being able to offer and receive some office chat by virtue of the chat engine they all use. Efficiency has risen in the office since the marriage.

Without any prejudices for this or that neighborhood, she can objectively scan the neighborhood by satellite map to identify infrastructure such as roads and schools. She can report on demographics data, land usage and development opportunities for future business. She can transact paperless paperwork. She can simultaneously offer one answer to several agents having the same question. She agreed to work night shift so there is real-time communication.

A us real estate office marries a philippines assistant  

It was a marriage made in realtor heaven even though the blushing "bride" is fifteen time zones away. The groom is a real estate office some...

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