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A Snapshot Into Seamless Postini Migration Acquired by Google in 2007, Postini is an email, web security and archiving service, offering cloud computing solutions for filtering email spam and malware, before it is transferred to the clients’ mail server. It also offers optional mail archiving and helps to protect client networks from external threats.

In 2012, Google announced that it planned to end the Postini email security services and as a result all Postini users will be required to migrate to the Google Apps platform or find themselves an alternate email solution. The announcement means a complete termination of Postini and a planned migration to the new email service from Google.

The Postini migration to Google Apps will enable you to transfer your users and email settings from Postini to the Google Admin console. With this migration, you are likely to receive email security features that are similar to the Google Message Security Features, which was available in Postini, but it will be delivered through the more comprehensive Google Apps platform. Google has also taken most of the Google Message Discovery features and are rebuilding similar features into the Google Apps Vault.

Although the effectiveness of the overall filtering options are likely to be very similar, you can expect the filters of the different services to behave slightly differently, perhaps even acting more strict or lenient towards certain types of emails. The Postini migration is typically not expected to take more than a few minutes, but it may take longer in the case of larger organizations or in the case of customers who have opted for advanced features in Postini.

Google has spent considerable amount of time converting Posting’s features into Google Apps for Business - a suite of services and Google Apps Vault – an email archiving service. With this migration to Google Apps, you will also receive very similar email security protection. Google Apps also can be integrated with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes, so Postini customers running their own email servers will not be required to switch over to Gmail,

a huge relief to existing users. The Google Apps email features will keep developing as they continue to find ways to improve the service.

Google is planning to move the migration into the next phase, where new email products and features will be made available to their customers through the Google Apps platform, which will replace the old products and services from Postini. Old Postini customers will receive similar email security and archiving features, but on a more robust platform.

You should also keep in mind that the new Google Apps features may operate differently than the features in Postini. Some of the old features may not be replaced at all and will not have an equivalent in the new service, so you may want to re-examine your company’s policies and requirements before you determine how you want to conduct your Postini migration.

Google has also made available some automated tools to aid the migration process, but you should also anticipate some manual configuration tasks. Since Postini migration is an absolute must, you will need to decide whether you would like to move your business to the Google Apps platform or move into an alternate service. This would be highly dependent on your specific requirements from the email service

A snapshot into seamless postini migration  

Acquired by Google in 2007, Postini is an email, web security and archiving service, offering cloud computing solutions for filtering email...

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