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6 Things You Want To Measure In A Pr Campaign PR measurement is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. Even small scale entrepreneurs are talking about PR measurement. Yet, it's a fairly new concept. Or rather the concept may be old, but it was defined quite recently what it actually means to measure PR. So what is that you would want to measure during a PR campaign? Outputs If you are doing a press release, or commercial, and several news channels and bloggers talk about it, it starts circulating on social media and there is a general online buzz created around it, then you can say that you have been successful when it comes to outputs. The more output channels that use your content, the more successful you are. However, output sometimes does little for a brand. Reach Now, you may have reached many outputs, but are they the outputs you wanted to reach? Supposedly your brand has a target market. It is this target market you are aiming to reach. The success when it comes to reach therefore depends on how much of your target market you managed to reach. If your commercial becomes a smash hit in Greece, when you're trying to sell products in America, reach has been a failure. Awareness Given you managed to reach your target audience, the next question you need to think about (in essence what you need to measure) is their awareness. In other words, you have to make sure that the target reached hears, or sees, something they haven't read, heard, or seen before about the brand you are doing the PR for. If they only hear something that they have already heard before, then there's not much point with the PR campaign. Comprehension So your target has been reached, they have been given a new awareness of the brand, have they also been able to comprehend something about the brand they didn't comprehend before? Sure they can read something, but did they understand what they just read? Do they know see the brand or product in a slightly different light? Attitude Now if they have understood what you wanted them to understand, how has that impacted their attitude towards to the brand? This is essential, because their attitude will determine their behavior. Behavioral The last, and probably most important PR measurement is behavioral. This is what all the other measurements lead up to. You have to have reach and awareness to create comprehension, which forms an attitude that then leads to a behavior. This behavior includes how a potential client will interact with the brand, including on social media, and how they will share the message about the brand with other people whether in conversation or on social media. It also includes their buying behavior - i.e. did the PR campaign lead to them buying the product, or taking whatever other action you wanted them to take (such as making a donation to charity)?

6 things you want to measure in a pr campaign  

PR measurement is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. Even small scale entrepreneurs are talking about PR measurement. Yet...

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