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5 Ways A Safer Car Reduces Auto Insurance Quotes If your car is three years old or more, and you are looking for ways to reduce your auto insurance quotes, you may find that you need to look no further than you and your car to find reduction of risk and, therefore, reduction of your auto insurance. Here are five ways you can qualify for lower rates by making your car a safer vehicle to drive. 1. How old are your tires? If they are still the tires you purchased with the vehicle, new or used, do they need replacement? Probably, but there are methods to qualify the tread to know whether or not replacement is necessary. Learn the simple technique of tread measurement and act accordingly. No, new tires will not automatically yield a lower insurance quote directly, but it will lower your risk. As the insurance company observes your safe driving habits year after year, you should qualify for a lower cost of auto insurance. Ask for it and point to your dedication to safe driving. 2. How old are your windshield wipers? The same discussion as above applies. As long as you can see clearly in rain or snow in addition to good weather, you will drive more safely. Do not risk an incident merely because you avoided changing your windshield wipers annually, or more frequently if needed. The claim will be far more expensive than new wipers. 3. How old are your brake pads? Let these go too long, and you will cause greater damage and lower braking ability. When you hear squealing or grinding, and your brake pedal seems soft, it is more than time to change your brake pads.

4. What is your car's safety rating? If you do not know, consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) online for their rating of vehicles. If your car is poorly rated, it is affecting your car insurance quote. While it may not be immediately convenient to trade-in, consider a choice from among the better vehicles on the list as your next new or used car. 5. What is your driving record? If you have not had any accidents, that is great news, but it is not the end of the story. If you have speeding tickets or other traffic infractions on your record, you are increasing your risk that you will, statistically, be involved in an incident that would initiate a claim. Some insurance companies even consider parking tickets a risk. To lower your risk, begin a safe driving habit now operating within the law. Your insurance cost will not see an immediate effect, but if the insurance company sees a reduction of incidents with non-accident traffic violations, they will, ultimately, consider you a safer driver. Safe driving with a safe car is one of the easiest of factors to maintain in order to keep insurance cost low.

After all, insurance is a protection against the high cost of financing a major auto incident, but if your risk of incident is low, your auto insurance quotes will reflect your caution to be a safe driver.

5 ways a safer car reduces auto insurance quotes  

If your car is three years old or more, and you are looking for ways to reduce your auto insurance quotes, you may find that you need to loo...

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