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5 Tips For Charities Seeking To Improve Media Presence Via Facebook For the most part, charities rely on donations for funding their activities. Social media can be a powerful tool in ensuring that the word gets out about your organization. Follow these simple steps to improve your charity’s Facebook presence. 1. Make a Facebook Page This one is pretty basic: if your charity doesn’t already have its own Facebook page, creating one should be your top priority. With over a billion users that span the globe, Facebook is huge and can help spread awareness about your organization. A Facebook page itself doesn’t cost you anything, and it is a fairly painless endeavor. Take a look at the pages of a few other charities you admire in order to familiarize yourself with how things should look. Then, following the instructions on Facebook should make the process fairly easy. 2. Consider Becoming a Paid Advertiser A regular Facebook page is free, so many organizations turn away from any mention of paying for additional exposure. Prudent people, though, will do a little cost-benefit analysis before writing off a potentially profitable investment. Facebook offers different advertising packages which allow your posts to reach the news-feeds of greater numbers of your page’s fans. Without paid advertisement, fans can still go to your page, and a very small percentage will see your posts in their news-feeds. However, if you want to maximize the ability of Facebook to keep your charity in the minds of the public, considering paid advertisement may be a good idea. 3. Time Your Posts For Optimal Effect Throughout much of the world, the end of December marks the time of year when people are most likely to give donations to their favorite charities. Increasing your Facebook presence— whether through status updates, photos, or even contests—during this key period can help to ensure that people remember your organization at the time when it will be most profitable. 4. Make Your Posts So Interesting People Will Want to Share Them The option for people to share the posts of others on their own Facebook profiles means that interesting posts often circulate much farther than their initial audience. Posts that get shared the most often revolve around topics such as heartwarming true stories and calls to action that are relevant to recent news stories. 5. Avoid Overkill This can seem counter intuitive at times, but too much self-promotion can actually lead to effects that will be the opposite of what you’re seeking. If you’re doing things properly, your posts will be showing up in the Facebook news-feeds of many of those people who’ve “liked” your page. If

these posts show up too often, though, you run the risk of becoming annoying and repetitive. Once this happens, not only will people stop reading your posts, but they may choose to either block you from their news-feeds, or “unlike” your page altogether, so as to stop being bombarded by your posts. Using Facebook to promote your charity can be an excellent means of increasing donations and spreading the word about your organization’s activities. Once you get started, media monitoring service New York can help you to determine how effective your endeavors are.

5 tips for charities seeking to improve media presence via facebook  
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