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4 Causes Of Infertility Why does infertility happen? There could be so many questions that people have regarding fertility and infertility. People may not know that they have infertility issues till much later in life. Suddenly, when it is time to have a baby, it just does not happen. To further complicate matters or to make the situation very challenging, it may seem as if all the people around a person going through infertility may be getting pregnant. There could be infertility in women and in men. There are different reasons why fertility could occur. Sometimes, there are causes of infertility that affect more men than women and vice versa. These are the 4 causes of fertility. 1. Being overweight. If you are over your normal weight, this could have a significant impact on the body and the way the body is able to cope or function. The food that we may eat and the diets that we force our bodies to become accustomed too may be a bad path to take especially for those who wish to conceive. Gaining too much weight could cause the reproductive system to shut down and refuse to allow a person get pregnant. A fertility doctor may advice an overweight person to try losing some weight before starting any fertility treatments. For men, being overweight could also affect the quality of sperm that is produced. There are many other reasons why losing some weight could be beneficial and this includes being able to move about easily, reducing stress and also being healthier. All these could also help towards the path of conceiving and having a child. 2. Age. This is a common cause of infertility. As the body ages, it becomes less able to conceive or produce quality components required to have a baby. As people get older, the reproductive system begins to fade in its ability to go through the conception process. As women get older, the qualities of eggs produced by the ovaries begin to diminish. For women, the effect of age on the body occurs much faster and possibly in the early thirties. However, for men, the early forties are the years that begin to see a steady decline in reproductive ability in terms of support conception. 3. Eating disorders. The inability to properly nourish the body due to eating disorders can takes a toll on the body in terms of its reproductive capabilities. Just as obesity and being overweight can seriously impede the ability to get pregnant or support conception, being severely underweight can be quite problematic as well. 4. Exposure to chemicals. Chemicals can affect the body's reproductive organs and this damage may occur gradually over time. These chemicals could include pesticides and metals.

An infertility clinic could help people who are facing issues with a lack of fertility, especially if they have been trying to conceive a child for over two years. Being aware of these causes of infertility could help

prevent the situation from occurring and the more people know, the better they are able to take care of themselves.

4 causes of infertility  

Why does infertility happen? There could be so many questions that people have regarding fertility and infertility. Visit: http://www.rocky...