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3 Causes Of Joint Pain If you are experiencing pain in your joints, you are not alone. There are people all over the world that experience some type of joint pain on a daily basis. There can be knee pain, elbow pain, knuckle pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain and many other types of pain that affect the body. Sometimes, pain occurs ever so slightly and we hardly notice it. Such types of pain can be mistakenly ignored as not being worthy of any attention. At other times, the pain is quite severe and bluntly noticeable. Such tangible pain can affect everyday activities and the way a person may live his or her life. To treat or manage pain, it can be useful to first understand the source of the pain. Incorrectly treating a type of pain could be ineffective or cause no change to the pain condition. Such ineffective treatments may also cause the pain to cease for a time-frame and then return perhaps stronger than ever. Incorrect pain treatments could also make any existing pain worse. Hence, to properly handle or treat the pain, the causes of pain should be investigated and specifically addressed. Here are 3 causes of joint pain. 1. Direct impact. When there is a specific impact or force on any part of the body, this could result in pain, depending on how forceful or strong the impact is. A direct impact may occur knowingly or unknowingly. For example, a person may know that an impact will happen and may brace himself or herself for it. This may not lessen the amount of pain felt. There could also be occurrences of impacts to the body where the individual is unknowingly placed in harm’s way and is impacted by an object or possibly another person. 2. Contact Sports and Games. Similar to the case of direct impact, another cause or source of joint pain is through activities that occur during contact sports and games. There are direct impacts that may occur without any relation to a sport or game being played. However, within the world of sports and gameplaying, especially where these games involve significant body contact, there are specific types of joint pain and joint injuries that are more common. Based on how the joints are used in specific kinds of sports, some joints are more inclined to become stressed or injured. For example, rotators cuff injuries would be more common in sports that utilize the rotators cuff and surrounding muscles or ligaments. Carpel tunnel syndrome could also be more common in sports that frequently use the hands and wrists. 3. Depletion of Calcium and Minerals. The removal, loss or decline of calcium and other minerals in the body can cause problems for the joints and this may result in increased pain in the joints. Supplements for calcium could be used to combat the problems with calcium deficiency. For injuries that are more severe such torn ligaments and muscles or broken bones in a shoulder, a shoulder surgeon may be needed to provide relief from this kind of pain. For local Phoenix based information, please visit - Shoulder Surgeon Phoenix Az.

3 causes of joint pain