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Southern Gospel Music is making a comeback into the mainstream of Christian music. Groups such as Gold City, Brian Free and Assurance, Palmetto State Quartet and Ernie Haase and Signature Sound continue are continuing the in the tradion of Southern Gospel quartets and are reaching a larger audience than ever before. Indeed, Ernie Haase and Signature sound have had several top selling CD's and DVD's. Their DVD entitled, "Get Away Jordan" entered the Billboard chart at #3 and remains a fan favorite. The Kingdom Heirs sing to over two million people annually as the resident Southern Gospel group at Dollywood. Modern Southern Gospel Music Southern Gospel music, like any form of art, has evolved. In the past ten years a new sound has emerged that combines the best of traditional Southern Gospel with other musical forms such as Bluegrass, modern country, and adult contemporary Christian music. The sound is slightly edgier but still very much Southern Gospel. Groups such as the Crabb Family, the Mike and Kelly Bowling group, and Three Bridges are examples of this new style. These groups regularly perform to sell out crowds. The Crabb family has recorded with many artists and groups including Donnie McClurkin and The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. This modern Southern Gospel music is attracting a new and broader audience and has given rise to a new generation of Southern Gospel fans. Southern Gospel record promoter, Rick Hendrix of the Rick Hendrix company chuckles and says, "It is really interesting to see these teenagers getting together on MySpace and forming fan clubs around groups such as Ernie Haase and Signature Sound and the Hoppers. They get excited about new CD's and about the style of clothes the group wears and everything". The re-emergence of Southern Gospel music has lead to an increase in the number of radio stations that broadcast this style of music. Major Southern Gospel music promoters regularly service over a thousand radio stations. There has also been an increase in the number of online Southern Gospel radio stations. Southern Gospel music has changed since its humble birth almost 100 years ago. One thing that hasn't changed is Southern Gospel music's ability to convey the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that would stop and listen. You can find out more about Southern Gospel Music and top Southern Gospel Artists and groups by visiting:

Tim Eutin is the Program and Music director of the He's Alive radio network. He has been hosting the Morning Show on the He's Alive Radio Network for almost a decade and is a long time fan of Southern Gospel Music. Tune in online at from 5am - 9:30am to hear the best in Southern Gospel Music

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==== ==== Find out more about radio gospel at ==== ====

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