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YOUNG POLITICIANS IN INDIA – WHEN WILL IT BE A REALITY? The big elections of 2014 are on its way. Which means a whole lot of frenzy and rallying for the candidates contesting for the Lok Sabha seats and vying the people for their votes. Campaign rallies, political speeches, tall promises and public paparazzi are characteristic of these times. It makes us think a little about how these political parties function and what they are worse known for. Being part of the largest democracy in the world, the grass is not greener on the political side. With everyday news clippings on corruption and dirty scandals, the truth about the parties is surfacing out. Time only will tell us if India is going to truly prosper and give us honest politics that will change the rise to fame the name of India.

Another distinct feature of Indian politics in comparison to their counterparts in the world is in the seniority of the party members. There doesn’t seem to be an age for retirement, and people in power or those aspiring to will never give up. What seems like a perfectly old man contesting the seat for the highest position in the country is laughed upon in any other country. Experience is a wise teacher, but not at the cost of the person’s old age. And it can never be proved enough the significance of young politicians. Young politicians of India, not only have the strength, ability and passion; they are more technologically advanced, educationally proficient and enthusiastically sound to carry on forward the development of the nation. Young politicians do realise the need for infrastructural development and do their best to deliver. Hardworking and energetic, these politicians understand the power to perform and make their people happy. The political scene of India is quite changing with the entry of youngsters. Though mostly reserved to the political families, small changes in the sphere will herald a lifelong change later. As said earlier, one cannot miss how family plays a crucial role in determining the fate of young politicians of India. Most of the youngsters entering into politics have the backing of their families that makes this entry easier. Though claims of dynastic politics are said to have an undemocratic feel, being able to justify your position is just as important as getting that extra push.

It is no doubt very difficult for a novice, so to say, an outsider to venture into politics and gain success. The power of money is the most important factor, though unjustifiable, but it’s just how the system works. The dynastic political parties seem to be hoarding on these giving them extra edge to launch their kids or grand-kids. Blaming the dynastic politicians is not the only solution. Attitude of youngsters to consider a career in politics has to be changed too. All in all, with the right atmosphere, great encouragement and honest politics, young politicians have the power to change India to really be the biggest democracy in the world.

Young politicians in india  
Young politicians in india  

The political system in India is changing landscape; the young Indian politician’s entry into the system can be advantageously good for the...