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POLITICS IN INDIA - YOUTH GIVING IT A NEW SHAPE The youth is definitely the dynamic strength of the nation, cream on the cake as they call it. And with the majority of the population in India in the 25-35age category, the power of youth cannot be under-determined. And if this power comes to the ruling class in India, the result can only be imagined.

It was a sad state to see our political system. With a majority of senior players in the front, the political system lacked dynamism and innovation. Young political leaders were not encouraged to come forward, nor given the push. But times are changing. Though the involvement of youth into mainstream politics is very dim, the number of youngsters getting interested in the politics of the country is alarming.Statistics say that while 1996 had only 43% of urban youth interested in politics, this number has risen to71% (as of 2001). This good sign can only hope for more young politicians. Now a sudden increase in the interest for politics could be reasoned to the increasing corruption cases that have come out in the limelight.Telangana’s issue, rape cases, Anna Hazare’s movement have all engrossed people with the current state of affairs. Thanks to the media, people are making themselves aware of the happenings and not being a silent spectator. By just being cognizant with the system is not enough. Youth should come forward and join political parties. Young political leaders should take initiative and try to change the corrupt system. The fact that it’s mostly the family members who take up such careers and are only encouraged forward. Parties should have an open recruitment process to ensure many youngsters in the party. Colleges should have a course on politics and students should be encouraged to take it up. Politics is often viewed as a dirty game, and the youth often try and avoid such situations. Political parties should clean up their system and motivate youth to join them. Political parties should also care for the youth and execute plans that benefit the youth.

It’s a no brainer to foresee the power of the youth. With brilliant ideas to execute, the ability to understand the woes of people both young and old, and the passion to follow through the rules honestly, will set apart the youngsters from the senior politicians. For the success of our country, we need honest and able youngsters in our cabinets. Another immediate benefit of young politicians is the sense for developmental needs. Infrastructure, benefits and opportunities will never be missed and will work towards bettering the lives of the people. With the right amount of encouragement and motivation, youth can serve for the Indians and make our country proud.

Politics in india youth giving it a new shape  

Being the future of the nation, it’s no doubt the youth must come forward and join in the making of a better India Website Url : http://ww...

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