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Difference between our politicians and the others The inefficiency of our political system can be compared with that of our counterparts and see where we are lacking. What makes our politicians very boisterous and corrupt? Why does our country not improve while many others seem to be doing really well? Why does our political party go on constant wars with each other and there is no stability in our governments? Why is there a sudden surge in the number of scandals that involve political members? 1. While the most obvious point that differs our politician from the remaining others is the evil of corruption. Many countries are not as routed in corruption than India. While corruption is an evil difficult to root out from the political system in any country, the level of corruption doesn’t affect the lowest point in any country, other than India. 2. Secondly the importance of development given by the politicians from different countries is quite different. While our country leaders don’t utilise the public funds well, and are not implementing it well, the remaining countries seem to be making good use of the funds. Though corrupt, the amount used for the public is never compromised, in western countries, and hence the result is out for everyone to experience. 3. Another notable difference is the use of social media by the politician. While the Indian politicians have recently started using social sites to promote themselves, this was quite a popular move for many others. 4. Politicians need to be enthusiastic and energetic and involve many young political leaders. The number of youth involved in the Indian political parties is far very few. While the trend is increasing, many young political leaders of India are taking the dirty path and trying to change the system. 5. If you stand witness to the drama that happens during a parliament meeting, you shall be surprised to find out what happens behind the scenes. The senior members behave like school bad boys and yell out and scream their view points. There is no decency in the way they work or criticise. Prior to election season and in the hope of getting votes, political leaders make tall promises and long speeches regarding the changes they intend to bring upon. And when they come to power, either it’s all forgotten or done half-heartedly. While this may work for the older generation, it will definitely not stand with the current generation. The media is everywhere and is quite feisty to report on every wrong move. So every politician cannot make a mistake. This General Lok Sabha of Maharashtra Elections 2014 is about to witness some crazy electioneering and political drama. It will be time before we can see what the result is all about, and who turns out victorious. More importantly it shall be a testing time for the winners; and while the people witness to see if the promises are held tall, changes for the new government or resolution for a new election are made.

Difference between our politicans and others  

The inefficiency of our political system can be compared with that of our counterparts and see where we are lacking......for more info visit...

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