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July 25-27, 2013 Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport 28 Day Hill Road Windsor, CT 06095

2013 National



✦ Kobudo ‒ modern and traditional weapons ✦ Hoppo no Kuzushi ‒ concepts and characteristics ✦ Training to Conquer and Occupy your attacker ✦ Kata ‒ calling all bunkai! ✦ Self-Defense for accuracy and speed ✦ Individualized kid-friendly training sessions ✦ Grappling with Katame-waza ✦ Kumite including ippon, sanbon, jiyu and kiso ✦ Surprise breakout sessions

and much more!

Registration will Begin April 1st

The Nationals

Kaicho Howard

Master Robert

This year’s seminar will prove to be one of Kokondo’s finest!

This seminar is an excellent opportunity for all Kokondo-ka, regardless of rank to get together to practice their skills as well as meet fellow practitioners from all over the globe.

Practicing kata, tachi waza and sanbon kumite is one thing, engaging and using in real self-defense is another. We will all have a common perfect our skills and come away from this seminar with a greater understanding.

2013 National Kokondo Seminar  

2013 National Kokondo Seminar at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport hotel. July 25th -27th 2013.