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Finding The Right African Violet Soil As Well As Other Tips Growing flowers in your home can be tricky to get right, but if you do, you can add a touch of fresh beauty to your house. You will need to make sure you are providing the best environment and care to keep your plants thriving, when you are trying to grow African Violets in your home. To make sure your flowers flourish, you should have things like African Violet soil, the proper lighting, the best feeding and watering schedule, along with the proper atmosphere. Soil Without the proper soil mix for your specific plants, they will not grow as well as they should. The potting mixes that'll be ideal for African violets as well as other soilless mixes will be sphagnum, peat, perlite and vermiculite. For the reason that you'll want a sterilized, light, and airy African Violet soil potting mix to help encourage root growth. The Lighting You will want a bright but filtered source, like a window with a light curtain if you are using natural lighting. If you can turn your plant a quarter turn each week then you can encourage a symmetrical growth pattern for the flowers. Having the right amount of natural light isn't easy however and you may want to use fluorescent lighting to help your flowers grow. You will need to make sure that you don't have the lights too close to the plants or too far away. It is recommended that your fluorescent lights are between eight and ten inches above your plant and have them on for eight to twelve hours per day based on the color of your plants. You will want to begin having the lights on closer to the 12 hour point and then lower the length of time if any of the flowers begin to look like they are bleaching out or have a tight center. The Watering Over watering your violets is a very common error that needs to be avoided. Keeping the soil moist but not soggy is a good indication of the correct amount of water. The right time to water your violets with tepid water is when the top soil is dry to the touch. You can water your African violets from the top, bottom, or with many different products and methods so long as you maintain the proper level of soil wetness. You'll want to water your violet from the top about once per month with pure water to flush out salts from fertilizer. When you notice water on the petals of your flowers you will want to dry them off quickly to avoid spotting. The Feeding Find a fertilizer mix that doesn't have a high nitrogen urea content to feed your violets properly since this will burn up the roots. You'll want to use your fertilizer every time you water. You will have to dilute your fertilizer to including an eighth to a fourth teaspoon to each gallon of water. The Atmosphere The African violets will need the correct temperature and humidity to flourish. Keep your AV Planters

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Finding The Right African Violet Soil As Well As Other Tips temperature of your planting environment between sixty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit and your humidity at between forty and sixty percent for optimum results. The first step in having this beautiful addition in your house will be finding the right African violet soil for your flowers. To produce amazing plants that you can enjoy throughout the season, you will want to be sure that you have all of the right conditions for your flowers to thrive and you are feeding and watering them properly. Get the best growth by applying African Violet soil from AV Planters at The Planter Depot. For additional info on AV Planters at The Planter Depot, check out their web page at

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Finding The Right African Violet Soil As Well As Other Tips