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Fred Vargas ‘European fiction is the new black . . . Vargas is my favourite European crime writer.’, Peter Guttridge Between 1943 and 2003 nine people have been stabbed to death with a most unusual weapon: a trident. In each case, arrests were made, suspects confessed their crimes and were sentenced to life in prison. One slightly worrying detail: each presumed murderer lost consciousness during the night of the crime and has no recollection of it. Commissaire Adamsberg is convinced all the murders are the work of one person, Judge Fulgence. History repeats itself when Adamsberg, who

is temporarily based in Quebec for a training mission, is accused of having savagely murdered a young woman he had met. In order to prove his innocence, Adamsberg must go on the run from the Canadian police and find Judge Fulgence. Fred Vargas is the pseudonym of French historian, archaeologist and writer Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau. She worked at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), joining in 1988. She later joined the Institut Pasteur, as a eukaryotic archaeologist. Her research within this area is considered highly definitive.

Published —03/01/2008 Publisher — Vintage ISBN — 9780099488965

Tim Krabbe ‘The nature of evil and obsession is explored to great lengths in this novel. A short read but I suggest everyone who is into books to read this.’, Independent on Sunday

car parked below his window two lines: “Rex you are so sweet and when I write this it shows the pain...”And the obsession rages in his blood again.

Petrol gauge broken, anxiety and tempers flaring, young lovers Rex and Saskia pull in at a service station on their way to a holiday the South of France to refuel. As soon as they stop the tension is relieved. Rex buries two coins in a crack at the base of fence post as a secret sign of their love: Saskia goes off to buy a couple of cold drinks and vanishes. Eight years later Rex is still haunted by her. Then one day he sees scrawled in the grime on the roof of a yellow

Tim Krabbe is a Dutch journalist and novelist. Krabbé was born in Amsterdam. His writing has appeared in most major periodicals in the Netherlands. He is known to Dutch readers for his novel De Renner (The Rider), first published in 1978. English readers know him primarily for The Vanishing, the translation of his 1984 novel Het Gouden Ei (The Golden Egg), which was made into an acclaimed 1988 film (Krabbé wrote the script).

Published­— 01/09/2003 Publisher — Bloomsbury ISBN — 9780747565338

Kerstin Ekman ‘Far more than a detective story, addressing itself in both the intellect and the heart.’, Independent on Sunday In the harsh, distant Nordic landscape of Lapland, shrouded in the unremitting darkness of winter, a drunken evening ends in death. But when Constable Torsson skis out to investigate, he is met with a conspiracy of silence — witnesses contradict and confuse one another; the only clue is a bloodstained mahjong tile. Reluctantly Torsson accepts their story and the case is closed... Until the arrival of David, an eccentric red-headed painter

determined to find the truth. And as their investigation uncovers the full fury of smalltown suspicion and guilt, events move towards a chilling and violent climax. Kerstin Ekman wrote a string of successful detective novels (De tre små mästarna and Dödsklockan) but later went on to psychological and social themes. Among her later works is Mörker och blåbärsris (1972) (set in northern Sweden) and Händelser vid vatten (1993), in which she returned to the form of the detective novel. Ekman was elected member of the Swedish Academy in 1978.

Published — 09/10/1997 Publisher — Vintage ISBN — 9780099751618

Alessandro Barrico ‘An adult fable with its twin themes of revenge and redemption and fierce, haunting imagery. Baricco is the new Hans Christian Andersen.’, The Times After her father and brother are brutally murdered, 4 year old Nina is left for dead in the family house. Highly visual and unforgettably sad, Without Blood is a haunting book about damage, longing, memory and forgiveness. Ann Goldstein’s superb translation captures Baricco’s effortless prose style and gives people in Britain the opportunity to experience this gem of a novel that has already delighted hundreds of thousands of readers across Europe.

Alessandro Baricco is a popular Italian writer, director and performer. His novels have been translated into a wide number of languages. In the following years his fame grew enormously throughout Europe, with his works topping the Italian and French best-seller lists. Larger recognition followed the adaptation of his theatrical monologue Novecento into the movie The Legend of 1900, directed by Award-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore. He has also worked with the French band Air, releasing “City Reading”, a mix of the band’s music with Baricco’s reading of his novel City. He has recently directed the film Lezione 21.

Published — 10/03/2005 Publisher — Canongate Books ISBN — 9781841955742

Pablos De Santis ‘Murder and mayhem! Colourful characters and cases create a hazy atmosphere of intelligent escapism.’, Washington Post An elegant, atmospheric literary puzzle thriller that will delight equally fans of crime fiction and literary thrillers! Introducing The Twelve Detectives. The greatest sleuths in the world, gathered together for the first time at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. See! The wonderful new work of engineering genius by R Gustave Eiffel! Marvel at Buffalo Bill’s world-famous Wild West show! Witness the savage tribes of France’s colonies gathered

here for the first time! But Beware! A killer is at large who will test the genius of the Twelve to their limits. Secret societies, strange puzzles and seemingly impossible crimes await within these pages! The ParisEnigma, A classic mystery with a modern solution. Written in a strikingly original voice, and poignantly evoking a world about to lose its innocence forever, The Paris Enigma opens a window onto crime solving’s early days, when wit, common sense, and intelligence were a detectives only tools. Pablo De Santis is a journalist, comic-strip creator and author of five acclaimed novels.

Published ­— 28/05/2009 Publisher — Harper ISBN — 9780007269020

A Month of European Crime  
A Month of European Crime  

A Month of European Crime