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February 17, 2011

LIFESTYLE Rapper Tinie Tempah confirmed his rise to the top of the British music industry by winning two Brit Awards at London’s O2 ... P. 4

Iran opposition leaders defiant amid execution calls

TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran’s opposition leaders came out fighting on Wednesday amid calls they be executed over deadly protests in Tehran, issuing statements slamming the authorities and praising demonstrators. Iranian authorities

have blamed the two leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, for violence on Monday after they called for a rally which turned into deadly anti-government protests in which two people were killed and several were wounded.

Furious lawmakers and a leading cleric on Tuesday accused them of being behind the violence and said they should be hanged. Karroubi, once a pillar of the regime, said in a statement posted on his website, he was ready to “pay any price.” “I declare that I am not afraid of any kind of threat and as a soldier of this great nation for the past almost 50 years, I am ready to pay any price,” he said. “I am warning that before it is too late, take out the buds from your ears and listen to the voice of the people. Forcing violence and opposing peoples’ wishes will last only for a certain time,” the cleric said. He added that Iran’s rulers must take “lessons from the destiny of those governments who distanced themselves from the people.” In a separate statement on his own website, Mousavi criticised the authorities and praised the protesters for turning out in Monday’s rally.

�Bahrainis demand

�Tokyo, Moscow have

�Cell-based flu shot

AFP was not permitted to cover this event

Photo: afp

regime change after two killed

highest expat rents: survey

beats current vaccine: study

MANAMA (AFP) - Thousands of Bahrainis demonstrated in the capital Manama demanding regime change in the Gulf kingdom after two protesters were killed in clashes with police. Washington expressed concern at the killings and urged all sides to exercise restraint in a country that saw deadly unrest in the 1990s between the majority Shiite population and the Sunni ruling family. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone meanwhile voiced disquiet about next month’s Bahrain Grand Prix, which opens the new Formula One season.

HONG KONG (AFP) - Tokyo’s rents are the highest in the world for expatriates followed by Moscow and Hong Kong, where prices surged 22 percent, the biggest yearly increase, according to a new survey. Expats living in the Japanese metropolis paid an average $4,352 a month for a two-bedroom apartment last year, followed by Moscow at $3,500 and Hong Kong at $2,830, the annual report by human resources consultant ECA International said. The surging value of the yen helped push Tokyo to the top of the list, it said.

PARIS (AFP) - Flu vaccines made from lab-grown cells work at least as well as those derived from viruses cultivated in chicken eggs, the preferred method for 50 years. The findings, reported in The Lancet, could help speed approval for the new technique in the US, which has recently said healthy adults should also be inoculated against seasonal influenza. Cell-based flu vaccines have major advantages over the traditional manufacturing process, including unlimited supply, a shorter production time, and an alternative for persons allergic to eggs.

�Egypt junta names Thursday panel to reform February 17, 2011


Sunrise: CAIRO (AFP) - Egypt’s military rulers warned6:22 that aam wave of strikes sweeping the country was “disastrous,” as it gave a panel of civilian experts 10 days to revise the conSunset: stitution. pm of persistent Against a 6:44 backdrop nationwide walkouts and street protests, the junta promised to rapidly Temperature: restore Air constitutional rule following the overthrow Hosni Mubarak’s caof 31°C regime. US President Barack Obama said the transition in Egypt was a modelWater for autocratic Middle Eastern Temperature: allies, and encouraged the Iranian 28°C people to press their quest for democracy after protests on Monday in which two people died. US network CBS meanwhile said top foreign correspondent Lara Logan was recovering in hospital after suffering a “brutal and sustained” sexual assault and beating from a mob in Egypt while covering Mubarak’s downfall Friday. AT group s itiesoldiers s activand odaofy’women had eventually rescued her, CBS said in a statement. Egypt’s Su7: 30 a m : preme Council of the Armed Forces Sightseeing Tourpanel of instructed an eight-strong jurists Waterbom and scholarsPark to “amend day all articles as it sees fit to guarantee democracy and the integrity of presidential and parliamentary elections.” The panel “must finish its work in a period of no 0 am: than 10 days 8:0longer after the date of this decision,” and Dive must strikeWreck down the articles giving presidents unlimited terms in office m: to military :00 acases and the right1to1refer courts. The military took Drop Off Divepower on Friday when Mubarak’s near 30-year rule was ended by an 18-day street 2:00 pm: revolt. Since then, Egyptian workers have been testing bounds of their Boatthe Dive new freedom with strikes. On Sunday,4the pm: suspended :30military the constitution and dissolved parliaGardento oversee ment, but Coral it has promised a six-month transition to democratic 0 pm: to return to rule. It urged6:3 strikers work but Night stoppedDive short of ordering them to do so. “The Supreme Council is aware of the economic Have a nice day, and social circumstances society is undergoing, but these issues cannot your Tauch Terminal be resolved before the strikes and sitins end,”Tulamben state news Team agency MENA quoted the military as saying.


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�Japan whalers Mount Ahunt, gung C limbend ing suspend may Friday, early 18.02.2011, at mission

1:45- aJapanese m TOKYO (AFP) whalersClimb have suspended their Antarctic with us to the home hunt, citing harassment by enviof the godsand on the of ronmentalists, are top considering ending their annual mission the Mt Agung (3,142 early, a fisheries agency official said Wednesday. meters) and enjoy the Activists from the US-based milifantastic view, asgroup well asthetheSea tant environmental Shepherd Conservation Societythis have beautiful nature around pursued the Japanese fleet for months active volcano! Enjoy to stop its harpoon ships from an killing theunforgettable giant sea mammals. sunrise and Japanese Fisheries Agency official impressive scenery Tatsuya Nakaoku said of the Bali factory shipand “thethe Nisshin Maru, which other mountains! has been chased by Sea Shepherd, has suspended operations since February 10 so as to ensure the safety” of the crew. “We are now studying the situation, including the possibility of cutting the mission early,” he told AFP, confirming media reports, but stressed that “nothing has been decided at this point”. The Jiji Press news agency said, without E naming lephansources, t Day that the government was considering calling theS fleet the11 usual atuhome rdayearlier , 19.0than 2.20 , end of the annual expeditions, which t 7:00 am would be inamid-March. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Get up close and personal Television also said “the government is with judging the situation so dangerous exotic elephants in the famous Bali Elephant Safari Park and ride them through the cool forest of Taro, participate in children’s mini rides, hand

The crew theelephants Yushin Maruand whalfeedofthe ing vessel using their water cannons even them,Delta take against Seatouch Shepherd’s team (foreground) in a Zodiac boat during photos with them, watch clashes in the Southern Ocean Photo: afp elephants having playful

bathing and even get that it may rituals cause casualties, and preparingsome to call back the fleet and endinteresting facts ing the research whaling earlier than amazing usual”.about A TBSthese newscaster added: “If the government does animals. call back the fleet it would mean giving in to antiwhaling activists, which would affect other research whaling missions. ������������ Masthead: Editorial office and Publisher: 4media Verlag GmbH, Hochvogelstraße 4, 87778 Stetten, Germany Phone: +49 / (0) 82 61 / 7 63 16-0 E-Mail: Responsible according to press laws: Ass. Axel Schiel. The distributing hotel is responsible for the editorial contents of the hotel. Print: Locally, in the distributing hotel. All rights reserved. Reproduction permitted only with prior written consent of the publisher.

N. Korea’s Kim marks birthday amid shortages SEOUL (AFP) - North Korea was in festive mood as leader Kim Jong-Il turned 69 on Wednesday, state media reported, but a defector group said birthday handouts were cut back as the regime struggles to feed its people. “The whole country is pervaded with great pride and joy,” the official news agency reported late Tuesday on the eve of one of the most important holidays in the impoverished communist nation. Artistic performances, a film show, a synchronised swimming performance and a festival of Kimjongilia -- a hybrid begonia -- were among events being staged, and streets were decorated with lanterns and goodwill messages. Aircraft delivered gifts to eight islands in the Yellow Sea as part of an annual handout of candy, chewing gum and cookies to all children, the agency reported. Spring has even come early to the leader’s claimed birthplace at Mount Paekdu on the border with China, the agency said Monday, and a solar halo appeared above Jong-Il Peak there. But Seoul-based Internet newspaper The Daily NK said traditional birthday food handouts failed to materialise in at least one province. The paper, quoting a source in the northeastern province of North Ham-

kyung, said authorities usually provide five to 10 days’ worth of rice or corn three days before the birthday. As of Tuesday morning, this had not materialised and there had not even been gifts for officials, the source told Daily NK, which is run by opponents of the regime. The source said munitions workers in the province did however get extra food and children received their candy gifts. Party organisations and trading firms have been making “all-out efforts” to secure food for special birthday rations, Seoul-based welfare group Good Friends reported

recently, quoting a North Korean party official. Kim is struggling to revive the ailing command economy and ease persistent food shortages as he prepares for an eventual handover of power to his youngest son Jong-Un. His own state of health is uncertain after a stroke in August 2008, although he continues to undertake a gruelling round of “field guidance” visits to factories, industrial plants and military units. Relations with South Korea, a one-time major food supplier, are icy after two deadly border incidents blamed on Pyongyang last year.

�No decision on

�Indian PM vows

�Libya hit by

North Korean senior party, army and state officials attend a national meeting to celebrate the birthday of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium Photo: afp

Petraeus exit from Afghanistan: US

corruption crackdown after scandals

anti-regime protest: media

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Pentagon said no decision has been made on when General Petraeus will leave his post as US commander in Afghanistan, after a British newspaper reported he would step down this year. Responding to an account in The Times, press secretary Morrell said Petraeus would leave his command of the ISAF but there were no firm plans yet. “Despite some sensational speculation by one of the London papers, I can assure you General Petraeus is not quitting as ISAF commander.”

NEW DELHI (AFP) - Indian Prime Minister Singh said he was “dead serious” about fighting high-level corruption as he staged a televised fightback after a run of debilitating scandals. The 78-year-old Singh took to the airwaves to face a live grilling from Indian news editors, in a risky move designed to combat months of bad publicity undermining his “Mr Clean” reputation. Singh accepted corruption had damaged his government and acknowledged that some people were calling him a “lame duck”.

NICOSIA (AFP) - Libyan police dispersed an anti-regime protest in the city of Benghazi overnight, prompting a show of strength by supporters of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi in a number of cities, media said. Website Libya al-Youm said police used “force” to disperse a crowd gathered outside a police post in Benghazi while the BBC quoted witnesses as saying stones were thrown at police who responded with tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets. The protest was started by families of 14 people killed at a 2006 Islamist rally in Benghazi, Libya’s second city, who gathered outside the police post to demand the release of their lawyer Fethi Tarbel, online news portal Al-Manara said. Tarbel, who had been arrested for unknown reasons, was freed under pressure from the families, according to another online news site, Qurina. But the crowd of protesters grew and they began chanting anti-regime slogans.

�Reporters roughed up near China activist’s


BEIJING (AFP) - Foreign reporters were roughed up this week as they tried to reach blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng, who is under house arrest in eastern China. Chen, a self-taught lawyer who gained world attention by exposing

abuses in China’s “one-child” population control policy, has been under harsh restrictions since completing a more than four-year jail sentence in September. “We were roughly pushed away from Chen’s home” by about a dozen men, said Brice Pedroletti.

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BHP Billiton profits up 72% on surging demand

Marius Kloppers, CEO of Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton, announces record profits in Sydney Photo: afp

SYDNEY (AFP) - The world’s top miner BHP Billiton Wednesday said half-year net profits surged 72 percent to $10.52 billion as emerging markets snap up raw materials and the West edges out of its economic

slump. BHP, which was foiled in takeover plans for Canadian fertiliser giant Potash Corp. and an Australian iron ore merger with arch-rival Rio Tinto, also said it would buy back $10 billion in its shares this year.

Chief executive Marius Kloppers said the results came despite BP’s major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and several flood disasters, including widespread inundations in northeastern Australia. The company said its earnings were reduced by $464 million after the United States suspended drilling when a deadly blast aboard the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon rig caused America’s worst ever environmental disaster. “We are proud of the results, despite things like the Gulf of Mexico events and floods around the world,” Kloppers told a media briefing. “The portfolio has shown that it performs at record margins, almost record cash flow, and we have done that in a manner which has been safe. “We’re very pleased with what opportunities the market has afforded us and how we have responded to them.”

�German bank WestLB �Daihatsu to launch budget car in Southeast

to ‘offload’ third of assets

FRANKFURT (AFP) - The regional German bank WestLB said Wednesday that Germany’s government had submitted a restructuring plan to the European Commission that included cutting a third of its assets by 2015. These cuts come on top of a 2008 plan that already involved reducing its assets by half, the bank said. The new proposals also included plans to ease the purchase or transfer of its assets by putting risky holdings such as bad loans in a “bad bank” to be disposed of later when conditions are more favourable. The bank would split its activities into four parts, some of which could be taken up by savings banks while others were sold to investors, said the bank. These steps would incur new charges, which would be passed on to shareholders and regional and federal authorities, the statement said. It did not say how much those charges would be. Deputy finance minister Steffen Kampeter said they had put three options to the European Commission and that it was now up to it to respond, Dow Jones Newswires reported. The owners of WestLB -- regional savings banks and the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia -- had until Tuesday to submit with the federal government a plan to restructure the bank to the European Commission.

Asia: report

TOKYO (AFP) - Japanese automaker Daihatsu, a subsidiary of Toyota, will begin manufacturing a low-priced compact car in Indonesia in 2013 for sale in Southeast Asian nations, a business daily said Wednesday. Tapping its expertise in minicars, Daihatsu plans to develop a fuel-efficient vehicle in Indonesia and supply 70 percent of the output to be sold under the Toyota brand, the Nikkei daily said without citing sources. To sell for up to 900,000 yen ($10,750) -- the cheapest Toyota car in the global market, the new

vehicle will be a little smaller than the Etios, a strategic small sedan that Toyota launched in India late last year, it said. Daihatsu, which already has a factory in Jakarta capable of assembling 280,000 vehicles a year, plans to spend 20 billion yen to build a new plant, which will have an initial annual capacity of 100,000 units, the paper said. Toyota and Daihatsu are the first and second best-selling automakers in Indonesia, controlling 53 percent of the market between them, the Nikkei said.

�Banks ‘had to know’

of fraud, Madoff says

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Wall Street fraudster Bernard Madoff told The New York Times in a prison interview that unidentified banks and hedge funds were somehow “complicit” in his massive Ponzi scheme. “They had to know,” Madoff said in story posted on the newspaper’s website late Tuesday. “But the attitude was sort of ‘If you’re doing something wrong, we don’t want to know.’” Madoff, who touted himself as one of New York’s most successful money managers, was arrested in late 2008 and sentenced in June 2009 to 150 years in prison. His victims, including charities, major banks, Hollywood moguls and savvy financial players, handed him tens of billions of dollars over more than two decades. Madoff’s right hand man, Frank DiPascali, and his accountant, David Friehling, have since pleaded guilty in an investigation that has yet to fully unravel the crime or compensate the approximately 16,000 direct victims. Even the amount of money stolen remains elusive: Madoff originally claimed to have been managing $65 billion, but in October, the court-appointed liquidator said the real bottom line was $21.2 billion in cash losses. Times journalist Diana Henriques interviewed Madoff in a visitor room at the federal prison in

�Japan, India sign free trade pact TOKYO (AFP) - Japan and India signed a free trade pact Wednesday, under which the high-tech nation and the South Asian giant pledged to scrap tariffs on 94 percent of goods within a decade. Japan’s Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara and Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma signed the deal in Tokyo, hoping it will boost two-way trade which totalled 900 billion yen ($10.7 billion) in 2009 -- less than one percent of Japan’s total foreign trade. “We have no doubt in our minds that this will usher in a new era of economic engagement, which will bring development, innovation and also prosperity in both societies,” Sharma

said. Japan is seeking more free trade partnerships in the region as it looks to catch up with export rival South Korea, and after China overtook it as the world’s second-largest economy in 2010. In October India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met his counterpart Naoto Kan to stress warm ties linking two of Asia’s biggest democracies at a time of high diplomatic tensions between Japan and communistruled China. Analysts say the deal with India may also bring further cooperation over rare earth materials as Japan looks to diversify supply for its high-tech industries after the spat with Beijing led to shipment disruptions last year.

Disgraced Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff (R) arrives at a US Federal Court in March, 2009 in New York Photo: afp

Butner, North Carolina. The interview and earlier email correspondence with Madoff were conducted as part of her research for an upcoming book on the scandal. “The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust” is scheduled to be published this spring. The Times said the Madoff interview was the first for publication since his 2008 arrest. Banks and hedge funds who did business with Madoff had “willful blindness,” he said.


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�Being sober is boring:

Charlie Sheen

NEW YORK (AFP) - Wildman actor Charlie Sheen, barely out of hospital from his latest reported drug-and-booze meltdown, said Tuesday he has no intention of mending his ways. “I was sober for five years a long time ago and was just bored out of my tree,” he said in a phone call to DirecTV/Fox Sports Radio host Dan Patrick. “It’s inauthentic -- it’s not who I am. I didn’t drink for 12 years and, man, that first one, Dan. Wow.” Sheen, star of the TV series “Two and a Half Men” and the son of actor Martin Sheen, has become nonstop tabloid fodder with escapades allegedly involving hard drugs, hard drinking, prostitutes and porn actresses. Two weeks ago he checked into rehab after being rushed to hospital with “severe abdominal pains” from a reported drug- and booze-

Rapper Tinie Tempah is big winner at Brit Awards LONDON (AFP) - Rapper Tinie Tempah confirmed his rise to the top of the British music industry by winning two Brit Awards at London’s O2 Arena late Tuesday. The London hip-hop star, who scored two number-one hits in 2010 with singles “Pass Out” and “Written in the Stars” collected Best British Breakthrough Act and Best British Single at the biggest night of the UK’s pop calendar. The singer promised he would toast his success in true pop-star style. “I’m going to get really messed up and everyone here is invited,” he said after the ceremony. “We are going to get really wrecked.” The 22-year-old missed out on the most prestigious award of the night, Best British Album, which went to folk-quartet Mumford & Sons for their record “Sigh No More.” “This is very bizarre, very strange. Thank you very much indeed. We are very honoured, very humbled,” lead singer Marcus Mumford said. Tinie Tempah -- real name Patrick Okogwu -- also lost out in the Best Male Artist category, which was topped by hip-hop and R&B artist Plan B, also known as Strickland Banks. Canadian group Arcade Fire also won two prizes, claiming the Best

�Wrenching Iranian

Rapper Tinie Tempah (pictured), whose real name is Patrick Okogwu, confirmed his rise to the top of the British music industry by scooping two Brit Awards at London’s O2 Arena. Photo: afp

International Band and Best International Album awards. The indie collective paid tribute to English artists New Order, The Clash and David Bowie during their acceptance speech. Recently reformed five-piece outfit and Brit veterans Take That opened up the show with a live performance before walking away with the award for Best British Group, 18 years after winning their first Brit award. Robbie Williams, who rejoined the band in July last year, confirmed he

would not be joining Tinie Tempah in a post-show blowout. “I can’t wait to get back to the flat, hug the wife and have a cup of tea and biscuits,” the singer said. The ceremony was punctuated by other live performances from Barbadian superstar Rihanna, British soul singer Adele, the triumphant Mumford & Sons and indie collective Arcade Fire. Folk’s resurgence was recognised in the Best Female category, where Laura Marling, girlfriend of Marcus Mumford, was victorious.

�Coldplay to

�Actor Sean Penn

drama cheered at Berlin fest

headline Glastonbury festival

seeks new spotlight for Haiti

Tuesday as a front-runner at the Berlin film festival, which is throwing the spotlight on the country’s embattled film-makers. “Nader and Simin: A Separation” by Asghar Farhadi, who won a best director prize for his haunting film “About Elly” at the 2009 festival, brings another fascinating portrait of contemporary Iranian urbanites to the screen. It tells the story of a woman who wants to divorce so she can take her 11-year-old daughter to live outside Iran, telling a judge that “no girl should have to grow up in this situation”. Her request is refused so Simin and her husband Nader agree to an informal separation, with their daughter staying with her father. But he has his own father to care for, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

return” to perform as one of the headline acts at Glastonbury festival, organisers announced on Tuesday, ending months of speculation. The group, which had been widely tipped to top the bill, will play the main Pyramid Stage on Saturday June 25 in their first appearance at the UK festival since 2005. Last week Beyonce also revealed she was to perform at the weekend festival, and U2 -- who pulled out of the 2010 event after singer Bono injured his back -- are expected to be the third headliners. The full line-up will be confirmed nearer to the event, staged in Somerset, southwest England and said to be the largest open air music and performing arts festival in the world. Organiser Michael Eavis said: “Coldplay have played such a major part in the festival over the last 10 years or so.

Tuesday for the world’s attention to turn back to Haiti, over a year after a devastating earthquake, as he sought donations for his relief organisation. ”For everyone working there, they are very long days and weeks and there are years and years and years ahead,” the co-founder of the Haitian Relief Organisation JP/ HRO told journalists ahead of a gala dinner to raise funds. “I think we have an opportunity to keep Haiti from being the old kind of headline and give it the opportunity to be the new kind, of really encouraging triumph, Haitian resilience and the potential success of international relief,” Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn added. At the same time, Sean Penn lashed out however at the red-tape and hurdles in the way of relief work.

Wildman actor Charlie Sheen, seen here in 2010 and barely out of hospital from his latest reported drugand-booze meltdown, said he has no BERLIN (AFP) - A warmly ap- LONDON (AFP) - British band VIENNA (AFP) - Oscar-winning intention of mending his ways. Photo: afp plauded Iranian drama emerged on Coldplay will make a “triumphant actor Sean Penn appealed here

fueled bender. The emergency required suspension of production on “Two and a Half Men,” in which Sheen, 45, plays a hedonistic bachelor. In his rambling radio interview, Sheen suggested he should get back to work while he still could. “Check it. It’s like, I heal really quickly. But I unravel pretty quickly. So get me right now, guys,” he said, addressing the show’s producers. TMZ, a celebrity news site, reported that Sheen had been partying with five women, including a porn star, and a briefcase full of cocaine at the time of his last meltdown. The star filed for divorce from his wife of two years in November, days after being taken to hospital following a reported drunken incident at a luxury New York hotel involving another porn star.


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