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RightsConnect Issue #2 Winter 2014

What If This Was You? Thailand’s Civil Crisis Joshua’s Law Feministezine

Rights Connect

Thank you for your interest in human rights, Rights Connect was created by high school students, for high school students. We believe that the plight for universal human rights should be collaborative and open-ended. In this spirit, Rights Connect aims to provide a voice for students all over the world to advocate, share, and disclose what is important for them, in the name of human rights and activism. We want every student to be their own voice for human rights causes. This is our first issue, and we plan on expanding this global platform for student-centered human rights journalism which we have initiated with our website:

Ideally, students who have something to say will submit news, opinion, or other forms of human rights media to our website, and the editors will review and copy edit them for publication in our Rights Connect issues, four times a year. Currently, our leadership team is based at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, with links to high schools in Thailand and China. We are looking forward to truly expanding across the globe. Please share our website and publication with everyone you know!

Rights Connect

What If This Was You?By William Rau Fighting Domestic Violence (In Support of Pending Legislation Nationwide that aims to add clauses establishing the crime of domestic violence)

Imagine yourself,

your mind changes. You

alone, helpless, the odds

have now entered your

against your favor. You are

mode of defense.

fighting to survive through

As you walk in

Submit to Rights Connect!  We look forward to getting articles, photos,

the challenges that the

the house, your mother is

and other media from

world has brought you, and

already screaming again,

students around the world. Your voice will be

Imagine yourself, alone, helpless, the odds against

heard! Visit :

your favor. You are fighting to survive through the

challenges that the world has brought you, and most days, you don’t think that you will make it through the pain.

most days, you don’t think

as her yells are followed

that you will make it

by her boyfriend’s

through the pain.

annoyed voice, getting

You go home every

Tips on How to Spread Rights Awareness: 

louder as you approach

day, feeling confident

the stairway. However,

Start with your friends

about your good study

you don’t walk upstairs.

and family. Let them

habits at school, as you

Instead, you go to the

know about human

hope to pursue the sciences

basement, alone, in your

rights abuses and why it

when you grow older. But

shell, because you can’t


the second the bus stops,

control what is going on Post on social media. Share important news

Rights Connect upstairs. You pull out your

When you wake up

the other kids. But you

math books, as doors slam

tomorrow, you will look at

can’t, because you aren’t

and furniture falls upstairs.

your house, wishing that

like those kids. Your mom

But it doesn’t seem to

your house felt like home.

is a victim of domestic

bother you too much. The

You pray that your mother

violence, and you feel

boyfriend will eventually

will be free from the

helpless, because there is

leave, and Mom will

burden of her boyfriend

nothing you can do at age

eventually hug and kiss

one day, because you love

13 to stop it.What if this

you again, but right now,

her. You want a normal

was you? Fight domestic

you are alone, hiding under

family, like all of the kids

violence, and fight for the

the fine print of your math

at school. You want to talk

human rights of everyone


about your mom like all of

in America.

Thailand’s Civil CrisisBy Robert Conner and Pirapat Rerkpattanpipat Dueling Viewpoints

Ongoing protests in the

oust his Sister, Yingluck,

businesses in Bangkok

Streets of Bangkok,

from her role as the

are closed, and so are

Thailand have led to over

current prime minister.

most schools. It is fair to

ten deaths and six-

The protesters claim that

say that the protestors

hundred injuries. The

she is simply a “puppet”

have a right to exercise

protesters are aiming to

to implement the

their free speech and

erase the Shinawatra

controversial public

expression by

family’s influence on

policies of her now self-

demonstrating on the

Thai politics and

exiled brother. Because of

streets. Yet, a closer look

economics, as the

this notion, millions of

at the protestors’

Billionaire Tycoon,

angry protesters have

motivations reveal

ThaksinShinawatra was

occupied and shut away

something shocking that

ousted from his post as

most of Bangkok’s

is loosely reported by

Prime Minister in the

busiest districts.

international media.

2006 Coup, and now, the protesters are trying to

Major organizations and

Yes, six million people are protesting on the

Rights Connect streets; however, the vast

love and support the

recent years, then those

majority of those people

Shinawatras - regardless

against the Shinawatras

have been paid or

of how the source of this

will protest back.

influenced to stand there

support stems from

This constant cycle seems

day after day as though it

unclear or shady reasons.

unstoppable. The two

is their temporary form of

Lastly, the leaders of

parties fight almost

employment. This “pay”

these current protests are

mindlessly because they

is either in the form of

also corrupt and are

corruption to evoke these

cash, the regular supply

mainly rallying people for

protests. The most

of three meals a day, or

their own political and

important thing to keep in

donations to go into the

financial gains. They have

mind is that the

urban planning of the

a public track record for

motivations behind this

protestors’ native villages

engaging in all forms of

fighting is murky, and

in rural Thailand. Yes, six

corruption and power

that it is largely due to the

million may be an

abuse that they are

basic influence of cash

astoundingly large

rallying protestors to cry

and food on the poor and

number, but the other

out against. If this

less-educated Thai people

fifty-or-so million Thais

opposition gains power in

in both sides of the battle.

would then again protest

Thai politics, which

back because they truly

seems to be the trend in

Joshua’s Law By Nicole Daphnis Preventing Domestic Violence in New Hampshire New Hampshire resident

turned into a murder-

Becky Ranes went through

suicide. Muni Savyon shot

an undoubtedly

nine- year-old Joshua six

traumatizing experience

times before taking his

last August when a

own life. Since the incident

supervised meeting

occurred last August,

between her former

Ranes has mostly stayed

husband and only son

out of the media limelight,

Rights Connect until now, stepping when

violence in New

definitions for domestic

she stepped forward in


violence. The aim of this

support of Joshua’s Law, a new bill in the legislative

Believe it or not, New Hampshire is one of

bill is to clarify what the law recognizes as domestic violence, thus make the

In addition to more clearly defining domestic violence, the bill will also add a new conviction specifically for kidnappings in a domestic context.

processing of such cases more efficient. Before the murder-suicide, Ranes had been trying to get a restraining order from her

process, which more

the fifteen remaining states

clearly defines domestic

yet to establish legal

been threatening her and

defining domestic violence,

it easier for domestic

her son, only to face legal

the bill will also add a new

violence to be handled by

complications. If passed,

conviction specifically for

the law, hopefully

the bill will set separate

kidnappings in a domestic

preventing situations

standards for domestic

context. The enactment of

similar to that of Joshua

violence apart from non-

the bill will result in very


domestic acts of violence.

little fiscal impact for New

In addition to more clearly

Hampshire, and only make


former husband, who had

By MetincanSuran

Domestic Violence around the World Although domestic

Margaret Chan WHO

domestic violence is most

violence doesn’t often

Director General said, “this

prevalent in: the first one is

appear in the western

potential will not be

Afghanistan. According to

media, we shouldn’t think

realized until conditions

Stop Violence Against

that the problem has

improve (…) in countries

Women Organization, 87.2

ceased worldwide. “While

and communities.”

percent of women

the potential of women is recognized at the international level,”

I’m introducing three countries in which

experienced domestic violence whether that be physical, sexual or

Rights Connect psychological. 62 percent,

endured multiple forms of

on the other hand, have

violence. Democratic

Republic of Congo follows

imprisoned women in an

literacy rate tremendously.

Afghanistan on the list.

inferno of sectarian

In my opinion, both UN

UN investigators called the

violence that targets

and local governments

rapes occurring in DRC

women and girls.” I

should establish stronger

unprecedented. Iraq comes

remember hearing last

connections in order to

third on the list, according

summer from a friend from

tackle this issue. This

to Feministezine Magazine,

Iraq that girls couldn’t go

seems to be the only way

“The U.S.-led invasion to

to school due to the risk of

to save the women and

"liberate" Iraq from

getting kidnapped or raped.

remind everyone of their

Saddam Hussein has

This has diminished the

unalienable human rights.

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Rights Connect

Rights Connect Winter 2014