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Concrete Resurfacing - Atlanta The concrete resurfacing, Atlanta contractor has their Unique Concepts offers you is a cost-effective solution that can fix different types of surface damage as well as cosmetic flaws. Though a durable building material, concrete is still prone to crumbling, spalling, and cracking over time which also tends to stain easily. But these problems can be remedied with resurfacing.

What Is Resurfacing? The project is generally broken into two categories: fresh pours and resurfacing. Forming and pouring new concrete would require that the old slab be torn out completely. While replacement is necessary for total concrete failure, the process is more difficult and expensive. Concrete resurfacing is the easiest, most cost-effective solution for spalled and discolored concrete. This is done through the application of a thin layer of resurfacer, a self-leveling cement-based or polymer material designed to make damaged concrete look like new. Applying a layer of regular concrete over a slab is a bad way to fix damaged concrete since poor bonding will cause even more unsightly crumbling in the overlay. Special bonding agents that bind to the existing surface, essentially creating a new top layer will be there with surfacer.

The Benefits of Resurfacing Resurfacing breathes new life into old concrete while helping you save on both labor and materials. It hides flawed concrete and repairs minor imperfections in the old slab. Concrete resurfacing also provides a durable new surface that lends itself readily to a number of decorative options such as staining, engraving, and stamping.

The Limitations of Resurfacing Despite its benefits, the kind of concrete resurfacing Atlanta contractor Unique Concrete Concepts offers cannot fully hide, erase, or fill in major cracks in existing concrete. Minor cracks require patching before successful resurfacing. Additionally, stains from oil, grease, and paint can affect the bonding ability of the concrete resurfacer so a thorough scrub-down is absolutely necessary. Call Unique Concrete Concepts at (770) 917-9010 or (770) 560-7111 for a free estimate on the best Driveway repair Atlanta has to offer today!

Concrete Resurfacing - Atlanta  

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