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Benefits of Undergoing Couching Training under a Certified Coach There are many established coaching institutes which offer coaching programs that help people to handle interpersonal relationships in a positive way and able to lead a healthy life. Life coaching is now getting popular due to the immense effect that it creates on people’s daily lives. Especially, professionals from various business enterprises now realize the importance of undergoing coaching training as it helps in enhancing interpersonal relationships, boost employee morale, increase their productivity and will be successful in business and in personal life. As you know, this type of training can help you to gain insights on how you can realize your goals both in your career and in your life. But there are many people who doesn’t know the benefits that can be gained through coaching and there are those who think that a professional coach and a counselor are the same. In reality, they are somewhat different when it comes to their area of specialization.

Professional Coaches Are Motivators Professional counselors have acquired years of education in the said field and have the right skills and in addition they possess license to operate in their area of expertise. They are protected with liability insurance if any lawsuit arises in the course of their treatments. In the past, life coaches doesn’t need any license to practice but now most life coaches have taken necessary certifications so that they can be viewed as proof of their abilities to serve in this field. Just like counselors, life coaches may apply for life insurance to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. Usually, counselors tell their clients what to do to achieve their goals but coaches train their clients by motivating them and helping them to achieve their objectives. Most people have a general idea of what they want to achieve in life and they need someone to show right direction and proper guidance to move in accomplishing those goals. Only a professional coach can help to realize your personal and professional goals and to pass on what you have learned to others, if you can.

Want to Become a Certified Coach If you want to become a certified coach, you have to approach an established coaching center near your locality. The training session at any coaching institute typically takes 7-8 months and you have to attend meetings once every two months for 3 consecutive days on four occasions and for the remaining time will conduct different readings and practice. For you, it will be a great learning experience and must be prepared to invest in it with sincere effort. When undergoing training, you have to bear all travel, reading and writing material expenses and nowadays most programs offered by coaching centers are endorsed by International Coaching Federation or ICF. Every coaching center has their own set of standards when it comes to coaching individuals. You are certified only when you passes the testing conducted by ICF to verify whether you have gained some standardization of skills and knowledge after completing your training sessions. The International Coaching Federation gives certifications at three levels – ACC or Associate Certified Coach, PCC or Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach (MCC). After gaining the required certification, you are now a professional coach ready to train others in individual coaching sessions anywhere in the world.

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