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Things to Consider When Planning a Hogmanay Party For many people, a Hogmanay Party is the biggest event of the year, so if you’re thinking of hosting one, remember expectations will be high. If you’re to have a party success story on your hands, you’ll need to do a bit of planning. Here are ten things to consider. One, decide what sort of party you’re going to have. An informal ‘high energy’ party with dancing and music? That’s great for younger people, but not so good if you’re inviting a mix of ages. Or do you want a more sober affair where guests can chat and get to know each other? Two, how many people are you going to invite? Be warned, over-crowded New Year parties can easily get noisy, uncomfortable and out of control, spoiling the evening for everyone. Three, be careful about using social media to tell people about your party. ‘Public’ invites can make you an easy target for gatecrashers, so stick to phone, text and email invites instead. Four, remember to give everyone plenty of notice because you’ll have lots of competition from other party hosts. Five, get in more drink and food than you think you could possibly need. There’ll be little chance of getting more on the night and you don’t want your party running dry by 11 pm. And get lots of bread and bacon in for those much needed sarnies on New Year’s Day morning! Six, if you’re having a more formal ‘do’, plan your menu and do the bulk of your shopping well ahead to beat the last minute rush and empty supermarket shelves. Think about choosing food you can make in advance so you can spend as much time as possible with your guests rather than stuck in the kitchen. Seven, give some thought to the structure of the evening, including any party games. Few of us object to making fools of ourselves at this festive time of year! Eight, on Hogmanay itself, prepare your house for the party. For more formal parties this may mean setting the table and starting cooking, but if people are expecting to dance, you’ll need to organise music and clear some floor space. It’s also a wise precaution to put away things that might get broken, or stolen. And make sure there’s somewhere for guests to leave their coats and that loos are well stocked with paper, soap and fresh hand towels.

Nine, you will also need to set a few ‘party rules’. For instance, are you going to let people smoke indoors? If not then you’ll need to create a ‘smoking zone’ outside. Remember, it’s likely to be wet and cold, so make sure there’s some cover, or you’ll find smokers sneaking back in for their crafty fag. Ten, when the party gets going, be mindful of noise from loud music and departing cars that could annoy others and get you in trouble with the police. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a memorable Hogmanay party – for all the right reasons! Visit us for unforgettable Hogmanay breaks

Things to Consider When Planning a Hogmanay Party