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Scottish Wedding Cakes Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever design you choose, they always take centre stage at the reception. If you're getting married in Scotland, or have strong Scottish roots, you may want your wedding cake to reflect the love and sense of pride you have for ‘north of the border’. So how do you give your wedding cake a particularly Celtic touch? Include whisky in the wedding cake ingredients Wedding cakes are being more and more personalised to each couple’s tastes, which means that the traditional iced fruitcake is no longer your only option. But it’s still the most popular choice and, if that’s what you decide to go for, you could always add a distinctive Scottish flavour with a tot or two of whisky in the mix, though you’ll need to be careful of the quantity! Include sugar crafted thistles and the blue and white of the Saltire Whatever base you choose, most wedding cakes are covered in icing. Why not include the blue and white of The Saltire, the national flag of Scotland? In addition, sugar crafted or even fresh thistle and heather flowers could be incorporated into the design. Accessorise your wedding cake with tartan ribbon Of course, if you want to make your wedding cake truly Scottish, you can do no better than to introduce tartan – easily done by wrapping a tartan ribbon around the outside. If you are of Scottish descent, you may already have a clan tartan, but all is not lost if you don’t. Many surnames have a tartan associated with them. Explore Scottish Art Deco motifs For a slightly more contemporary feel, you could take inspiration from a famous Scot like Charles Rennie Mackintosh, whose architecture, furniture and visual images, like his lattice work and tulip motifs, are known around the world. By recreating the design details found at places like Glasgow School of Art you will add an elegant and iconic touch to your cake.

If you're not Scottish yourself, but are marrying someone who is, or are simply choosing to get married in Scotland, why not give your wedding cake a multinational feel by bringing together something distinctive from your homeland, culture or family history and giving it a Scottish twist? Go with your heart, and you won’t go far wrong. Scottish wedding cake topper ideas If you choose to finish off your cake with a cake topper, what about a bride and groom in Highland dress? Cake toppers are often used to add a touch of humour, so what about a little model ‘Nessie’ if you’re from that part of the world, or a ‘wee dram’ in a glass if you’re partial to a single malt? Or a leaping salmon, if there’s nothing you like more than fishing, or perhaps even a putter or driver after all Scotland is the home of golf! Bear in mind that if you are having your wedding cake professionally made, the more ornate and complex in design it is to decorate, the longer it will take to make. Avoid designing and ordering your cake too late. Good wedding cake makers are fully booked well ahead of time, so place your order a few months ahead. That way you can make sure you have something unique and wonderful to cut on your Scotlandthemed Wedding Day. Author bio: West Park is one of the finest conference and wedding venues in East Scotland. The stunning West Park venues centre round a restored Victorian mansion house in the leafy West End of Dundee. Visit to learn more.

Scottish Wedding Cakes  

Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever design you choose, they always take centre stage at the reception.

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