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360 Video Solution This 360 degrees camera system can be used for real-time monitoring of wide area critical infrastructure and geospatial intelligence image collection. This wide area surveillance solutions can reduce the amount of fielded hardware and number of required operators as compared to today’s CCTV approaches. The geospatial intelligence solutions acquire full mission space in a single pass and enable immediate exploitation and integration of the imagery with other geospatial database information, providing first responders, analyst, and soldiers the ability to be “at the scene” and to “walk or drive” the mission route, a significant advancement over maps and aerial reconnaissance. The solution is used by the Armed Forces, Police and House of Parliament in order to achieve a better situational awareness. They use the data for analysis, reconnaissance and covert and overt operations. This 360 degrees cameras system captures every small detail thanks to their high resolution and speed. It has six full HD cameras and records 30 frames per second to ensure high quality recording. This allows you to use digital zoom without losing detail. The dome can easily be attached to any vehicle by the clever magnet sole. You’ll be up and running in two minutes: place the camera, connect it with the computer, start the inspection suite and off you go. The camera housing is compact, shockproof, water and dirt resistant (IP 67) and can be divided in two halves. That means when a full 360 degree view is not necessary, you can use the two halves on two vehicles. And there’s even more cleverness in our camera. It can be equipped with an IMU to exactly record the speed, orientation and gravitational forces so you can perform exact measurements from images taken from a moving vehicle.

360 camera

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Movie Recorder The Movie Recorder is an ingenious piece of software. It runs on Windows 7 platforms, but it also can be embedded. It can process an incredible amount of camera and sensor data. You can add a wide variety of sensors to the Movie Recorder. We’ve mentioned GPS trackers, scanning devices and manual triggers, but you can also add microphones to record road surface noise. Or add equipment to register bumps and slopes. In fact, the performance of the Movie Recorder is only limited by the hardware, especially the data storage hardware in terms of writing speed and storage capacity. The camera resolution and frame rate determine the load on the data storage. Of course we know that you only want to store the data you really need so you can put the data storage to optimal use. To get the best results, we help you choose the right camera system so that you’re not paying for anything that you don’t actually need. To streamline the data and to set up the cameras and sensors, we’ve developed the Pipeline builder. With this tool that comes standard with the Horus Movie Recorder, you can easily set up the hardand software. You can add grabbers for camera’s, data protocols, GPS and triggers. Just add components like decoders, encoders, file writers, network writers, data combiners and image converters to streamline the data. Just drag, drop and connect the hardware in the Pipeline builder screen and the software will take care of it all. Our Movie Recorder is hardware independent; it works with all commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware. Good to know, when you’ve just invested money in new cameras, but you’re not too happy with your recording and viewing software.

Pipeline builder, to configure a specific recording task, configure sensors, recording location (even distributed) encoders, decoders, network streaming and so on.

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Turnkey solutions Based on best practices we have developed 3 turnkey solutions. A combination of our recording software and a hardware configuration, you can choose to start very easy and simple and upgrade in the future if requirements increase, without changing the procedures to record. HRS P -180

HRS P- 360

HRS D 720

180 degrees field of view

360 degrees field of view

In vehicle pc Software HRS P 180 recorder

In vehicle pc Software HRS P 360 recorder

3 full HD day/night camera's

6 full HD day/night camera's

More than 360 degrees field of view In vehicle pc Software HRS D 720 recorder Pipeline builder included Distributed video camera's of your choice (e.g. Ladybug 360 cams or car integrated camera's

IP 67, dust & water resistant

IP 67, dust & water resistant

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HRS - P 180: to record camera's up to 180 degrees field of view (fixed camera setup); HRS - P 360: to record camera's up to 360 degrees field of view (fixed camera setup; HRS - D 720: to record unlimited camera's with more than 360 degrees camera solution (Pipeline builder included)

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360 video solutions  

This 360 degrees cameras system captures every small detail thanks to their high resolution and speed. It has six full HD cameras and record...

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