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LEADERSHIP LEGACY HOW LEADERS GIVE BACK Emergent Leadership just isn’t about getting to be a leader and then not doing anything constructive with it. It isn’t about how far you can travel within the ranks of your company, business, or personal endeavors. It is about what you can give back to your people that work for you and what you can give back to society. If you look at Leadership Development and break it down to its core, you are really leaving your Leadership Legacy behind. What Legacy do you want to leave when it’s your time to retire or move on?

Giving back when it counts Some can easily take any leadership role, emerge themselves in that role, and attempt to lead people. (Although it’s not as easy as it may seem). However what you do when you are in that role will define your leadership style and what legacy you will leave behind from your peers, bosses, even your subordinates. Many leaders spent so much time trying to impress their bosses that they often forget the people underneath them need impressing to. Leaders not only give back to the companies that they work for, but they also give back to the people who work for them. Some even give back to their communities.


“Leaders not only give back to the companies that they work for, but they also give back to the people who work for them”. – Robert M Brandt CEO Focus Dynamics Consulting

Doing the right thing for your company or anyone working with you and underneath you will determine what kind of Leadership Legacy you will leave behind. Make sure you are constantly helping develop your people and also helping in their projects. A hands on leader leaves a better legacy behind than the one who sits in his or her office delegating. Which one are you?

What legacy will you leave behind When was the last time you gave anything back to ANYONE? Try doing this one simple step in giving back. Tell someone that they are doing a great job and you appreciate their dedication to the company and to you. Watch what happens! Your Leadership Legacy defines who you are and what people will say about you when you are gone. Respect and Dignity are truly a two way street. Leave a great legacy!

“When was the last time you did something to GIVE BACK to your employees?”


Leadership Legacy  
Leadership Legacy  

What Leagacy will you leave behind. Are you a giving leader that not only gives back to the company but your employees? Take a look at our...