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[Kin ]

Visuals based on the film’s themes Text by Asitha Ameresekere Photographs by Will Norman



The images that follow are not representative of the film’s look. They are simply what I think of visually when I consider the film’s themes. There is a short note alongside each set of photographs that provides some background to the thought process.

[Isolation ]

The idea of isolation in Kin is self-imposed. The characters seek it in family, society or within themselves. But it also exists in Nature in a way that is not immediately recognisable to us. And when it does become clear, we are sometimes less ‘human’ than we would like to be.

[Chaos/Structure These two themes exist side by side in the film, one often encroaching upon the other. The characters embody both states, as does the world around them. But in many cases, Nature reverses the definitions of these themes, and they only make sense to us when we are at our most vulnerable.



The social view of this state differs from that of the individual, and my interest lies in what occurs when the two conflict.


[Loss Loss exists when something is ripped away or leaves of its own volition, creating a void, and it is in this space that the story plays out. But there is always some form of residue in these voids which can be, by turn, shards or anchors. In Kin, loss is about searching for what is left.


[Confinement Even in the widest expanse, a vision can be narrow. We choose to see what we want in certain environments and this is dictated by the emotional state we are in at the time. This subverts society’s view of how we should feel in given states, and it can be liberating and restricting at the same time.



Visuals based on the film’s themes