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Important Training Aid For Golf Robert J. Bergevin


The more you play, the more you progress, and, like any sport, your hardware will evolve as you go on. You can then get seduced by the myriad brands that are working to improve your performance and comfort to your dress.

But to start in good conditions, here is a must-get list of training aids for golf. 1. A bag of clubs and balls If you decide to play golf, you can either rent equipment or buy a half set of clubs, new or used. You can find good deals as there are enthusiasts of hardware changes. The pros can generally offer very good advice on the matter.

2. Shoes The key for a golf shoe is to be comfortable, waterproof in rain, and with a sole designed so that you do not slip.


1. Gloves A good pair of gloves will allow you a better grip on the club, and will protect the hand.

2. Ball Marker This golf accessory, though insignificant in appearance, is very useful for several reasons. (a) It is a great device that allows you to put a line on your ball mark (b) This line will allow you to enter your putts better (c) To be in a better position during the swing and to improve your score (d) It is also used to identify your ball by marking the original It generally comes with a small permanent marker pen, though you can find this type of pen at all good stationary stores.


5. Golf Glasses Golf glasses are very efficient in the optical search for a golf ball in the air. This is absolutely not a gimmick but a real discovery. It is more convenient when looking for a ball that placed way beyond eye view. This is the implementation of the principle of physics that involves the separation of the color spectrum for this purpose lenses have been specially processed to allow you to find your golf ball. The lenses are treated with a special pigment that renders only the spectrum of white and yellow insulation and darken green areas. This pair of glasses is an essential item for all golfers. They can be laid over prescription glasses.

6. Thumb Putter Grip To build a firm grip of the putter and you avoid the movements of your wrist. When your play wrists are properly locked, your accuracy will improve dramatically because of the weight of the grips. There are three models available: • Normal (180 grams) • Light (147 grams) • Short (125 grams)


Select model depending on your hand size and keep in mind that the weightier the handle the better you can control your swing. It can be mounted without difficulty on any model of putter. Adopted by many professional tour players, thumb putter grips comply with the rules of golf and are allowed in all competitions amateur or professional. It is really necessary to acquire the perfect grip. The position of two hands and fingers are pre-defined. It allows you to correct your faults in grips and eliminates bad positioning (too high or too low) of the grip. This is the grip you gain from automation. In addition to the above, you can also use the following training aids for golf:  A divot, to erase the traces of your ball when hit on the green, and delete the ones you find.  A larger bag if you want to accommodate the maximum allowed 14 clubs and a cart if you cannot carry it on your shoulder.

Robert J. Bergevin


Important Training Aid for Golf  
Important Training Aid for Golf - With this useful information about Swing Golf Tips you will drive like a pro, but if you really want to improve...